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Other People's Pantries #48

From Rhonda (I Dine Alone), in Arizona:

My pantry is spread out over a few locations, because I have to share with my hubby who could survive on potato chips and hot sauce, hence the theme of my blog "dining alone". I keep my spices right at the main part of my kitchen where I do most of my prep work.


I also have a bit of a tea fetish and have really got into that lately. It has now taken over an entire shelf in my kitchen.


Behind all of the tuna and peanut butter in the main pantry you will find mostly canned tomatoes and boxes of chicken stock. I am very fortunate to have so much space to accommodate my husband's hot sauce collection (addiction) and my dogs' many treats.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

*Other People's Pantries will be ending in early 2009 to make way for a new Saturday feature. There's still time to share your pantry photos, so please send them as soon as possible!

Here's how.

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You are so brave to show your pantry, I still don't have the courage.

Wow, look at all those condiments!

You do have space but you are so neat!
What is it with guys and hot sauce ;)

Don't feel bad. I am blond and only 1/3 chinese, but I have a whole cupboard dedicated to tea too!

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