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Gifts for food lovers: Last-minute stocking stuffers

The final part of an eight-part series.


For you, there are two words:

Gift certificate.

And two more words:

Don't panic. You have two days until Christmas, and six more nights of Chanukah.

So, quickly now, get out your credit card. Here are nine quick links to nine quick gifts:

Sur La Table: Gift cards in any amount; overnight shipping available.

Williams-Sonoma: Gift cards in any amount; cannot be shipped in time for Christmas, but will be available to your food lover instantly for impulse purchases.

Napa Style: Gift cards in any amount; overnight shipping available.

Cooking Enthusiast (formerly Professional Cutlery Direct): Gift cards in any amount; overnight shipping available.

Every good cook needs music to cook by, so how about an iTunes gift certificate (print your own, or have it delivered by email)?

And what food lover wouldn't want just one more cookbook, or maybe more than one? Jessica's Biscuit sells all cookbooks at huge discounts; gift certificates available. And if you spend more than $50, you can choose a free subscription to Gourmet or Bon Appetit -- two gifts for the price of one, or enjoy the magazine yourself.

Amazon.com offers gift cards that you can print at home, good for purchases of cookbooks, cookware, Kitchenaid mixers and, well, anything that Amazon sells.

Bookshelves filled? How about a gift of a magazine subscription to Gastronomica or The Art of Eating? Buy a copy on the newsstand, print your own gift card, and know that your gift will keep on giving for the rest of the year.

And a final idea: Turn off the computer and go to the nearest hardware store. Look for rasps (the original Microplane graters, before cookware manufacturers put fancy handles on them); paint brushes (yes, they work just fine for brushing butter on pastries); and Pyrex measuring cups (I don't know why, but almost every hardware store in my neighborhood seems to stock these). You'll find other great stocking stuffers, too, and no crowds; everyone else will be at the cookware stores!

No recipe today. Who has time to cook with last-minute stockings to be stuffed?

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Disclosure: The Perfect Pantry earns a few pennies on purchases made through the Amazon.com links in this post. Thank you for supporting this site when you start your shopping here.


I like to do coffee shop gift cards for my resident university student. Treats to keep her warm in the downtown winter.
Great stocking ideas... hope Santa goes to Williams Sonoma!

We are indeed thinking of giftcards for last minute gifts! :) Have a great Holiday, Lydia!

Cute, very cute Lydia but you're right ;))
Happy Holidays!

Great ideas! I love stocking stuffers - for me, a stocking filled with little treats and trinkets is almost more fun that receiving a gift!

I'll take one of each! Great ideas, and yes my ace hardware has a great cookware area.

Happy shopping, everyone!

itunes gift certs are also available @ target (if you happen to be near one....)

Don't forget a blow touch from the hardware store...they work much better than a culinary torch!
Happy Holidays.

I love giving and getting gift cards. It is nice to be able to purchase something you need or want.

Happy Holidays! =)

Sharon, that's good to know. Thanks.

Peabody, absolutely, I'd forgotten about blow torches! I think my husband might have fun with one, too.

Happy holidays, everyone.

This list will come in hadny for year round gift giving. Thanks! Please enter me into the Precision Scale contest.

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