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Other People's Pantries #43

From Biggie (Lunch in a Box), in San Francisco:

This past summer I totally overhauled the inside of my pantries and refrigerator for a fun yet terrifying photo shoot with Apartment Therapy's kitchen blog. Before the reorganization things were crammed into cabinets willy nilly, and sometimes fell out when I opened the doors. I needed a system that would bring my overstuffed cabinets under control, and help me reach everything on top shelves without pulling out a stepladder.


I was inspired by the super-organized ideas shown in Japanese-language books about freezing and bento lunches, and made liberal use of cheap organizer baskets and trays from dollar stores in San Francisco. I documented the process with before and after photos on my blog, and feedback on what worked for me and what didn't. On the whole, I've been able to maintain the new system with a few adjustments, and my husband seems much less frustrated when he ventures into the kitchen!

[Read more: Spice pantry, main pantry, refrigerator and freezer, remaining cabinets and garbage containers for the prep area.]

Biggie pantry 2


Biggie pantry 1

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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You got organized for sure. Great pantry!

Thanks, My Kitchen in Half Cups! It took about a week to turn my kitchen upside down and reorganize everything, but at least I wasn't afraid of the cameras anymore...

Excellent organization - those boxes are a very effective tool. Great pantry!

Very cool!


I've been using space organizers for a while in the pantry, but just recently utilized them for spice jars in my cabinet. What a difference it makes when I'm trying to find something because things are sorted in categories and they remain there...for the next time!

Brilliant! You took some dollar store baskets and organized all your food?!?
It looks so wonderfully neat and tidy. I love it. :)

Love it. I am addicted to having little baskets and containers to hold everything so this really appeals to me! That must have been a great feeling.

It took a while to get used to having things SO organized -- I remember encouraging a babysitter to mess up the kitchen so she wouldn't be afraid of the Martha-like surrounds. It helped to have labeled only about half of the baskets so we have flexibility but still guidance for my husband. I haven't had many questions from him since about where things are! Used to be a big frustration for him.

How organized. I think that gives me hope for my pantry.
Maybe I start Sunday!

OMG! I have been in that kitchen. It is amazing how Biggie organizes all her bento materials - explains how she can be so quick to prepare lunch in the morning!

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