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Other People's Pantries #38

From GZ Tai-Tai (GZ Tai-Tai), in Guangzhou (Canton), China:

Basically my pantry evolved over the years out of necessity. Living in China where many things were not available in our first year here (1996), I found myself shopping for many items in Hong Kong, bringing them back for the family to enjoy until our next trip to Hong Kong. Then we went through the days of "If you see it buy now or it won't be there the next time." This still happens once in a while. These days I can get most everything I need here in China, at a price of course, but it saves the trip to Hong Kong.

I have been looking at the pantries for a while on your blog, and finally had the courage to unveil mine. (Read more here.)






On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Great pantry! I love feeling that you could whip anything up with a well stocked pantry. I am admiring your restaurant wire shelves too, very nice.

Those are simply the best shelving!

What spectacular ginger root! I'm guessing it's quite unlike the dessicated ones we get. You are well prepared for any culinary adventures.

Wow a shelf full of spices!! But the thing I am most envious of is the stash of paulaner beer, hehe!

Now that's what I call a well stocked pantry! I would hoard things too if I couldn't get them easily. Oh, I also enjoyed seeing all the Paulaner Hef, one of my favorite beers!

Lovely. Reminds me of living in Hong Kong - I miss a lot of those products...

I love your pantry.


Wow! Thanks for all the nice comments about my pantry.

I'm a big fan of pantry peeking. This has to be one of my all time favorite sites, this particular part especially. I always feel so nosy and have to force myself to avert my eyes when I see someone else's pantry in their home but I'd love to stare for a very long time, looking at how everything is laid out. So this I can do without worrying about intruding!

You seem to have your 'plenty' under control. I am naive enough to be surprised to see that you can get such a wide variety of imported foods. I caught one label that I've been seeing in stores (Golden Curry), wondering if it's any good. What do you think? And about the ginger -- how long can you keep it out on the shelf?

Currry - The Golden Curry is good it is a Japanese Curry we enjoy on those nights I don't want to work to hard at dinner. It's very easy brown your choice of meat in a little oil add ,onion, potato and carrot and some water, simmer. The curry is fairly mild compared to some which is great because our kids never complained about it when they were in that stage of childhood. Having said that some packets have some extra spice that you can shake in to make it hotter if you like it hot.
Ginger - The ginger keeps pretty good on the shelf, after a couple weeks it starts to get a little dry but can still be used. We usually go through ginger pretty quick though so that doesn't happen very often at our house. Some of my friends freeze it, because it is readily available at all the markets here I don't, I prefer it fresh. I read someplace to keep it in a dark place.
Hope this helps.
Imported goods - Yes we can get many imported goods now in China. Most of what you see I was going to Hong Kong for in our earlier years here 1996-2001. But now most of it with the exception of some of the baking ingredients I sweet talk Hubby into bringing back from the states on his business trips. He of course is happy to bring those items as he knows he will reap the benefits. He also knows who buys the beer.

Okay, they win. Dang!

Mine's a snooze fest.


that is quite a well-stocked pantry. Good that you can get a lot of the imported stuff now. You even have Costco stuff!

You have a fabulous and well stocked pantry there! and your ginger is so fresh, I can't buy it that fresh here!!

Costco Stuff - I wish we had Costco in China! No those are the things I sweet talk Hubby into bringing home from the states on his business trips.
My friend in Taiwan has a Costco that is 3 hours away from her and she does go on trips to it. Yes I am envious!

Thanks for all the nice comments on my pantry!

I love the Pantry Edition. I should get my act in gear and submit pictures someday.

I wish I could find the hefe-weiss cans here in NJ - would make for an easier trip to the curb with the recycling!

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