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Other People's Pantries #36

From Nan, in Florida:

I love to shop for food. I also love to cook for myself and my husband. Since it's been so much fun peeking in other people's pantries, I thought it was only fair to give you a peek into mine.

I'll admit to straightening it before the pictures were taken, but I straighten it on a regular basis just so I can quickly locate items. I keep all foods of a kind together, as much as possible, so it's relatively easy to put my hands on what I need. The items that seem the most numerous are pastas of many different shapes, dried and canned beans, canned tomato products, tuna, chicken broth, jarred pasta sauces, vinegars, olive oils and a lot of Costco items. Costco is one of my favorite sources but as it's 50 miles away, I don't go as often as I'd like.

Because I live on Florida's Southwest coast with its heat and humidity, I keep opened items such as catsup, Worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce, mustards, etc. refrigerated. After an unfortunate incident with bugs in pasta several years ago, I began storing all pastas, beans and many other items in glass or plastic jars.


The vintage of some of these containers reveal my age. Note the Pyrex jars with avocado covers from as early as the ‘60s! I've found this an excellent way to keep the bugs at bay. Because fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful here year around, I don't store many canned ones.



There is a small section for hurricane foods; things like peanut butter than can be eaten without heating. Fortunately, in the 11 years I've lived here, I have tossed more outdated hurricane supplies than were eaten.



I hope you enjoyed this look into my pantry as much as I enjoyed providing it.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.


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I like how it looks nice and spacious and you're able to fit everything in there. I DID enjoy a peak into your pantry. Thanks for sharing with us.


Am green with envy at all your shelves and wonderful organizational skills~

I wish I had your determination and organizing skills: my legacies from the past are things like old useless dishes that are up on the shelf thanks to inertia and inability to part with junk!

Now that's a proper pantry. Everything in one place. What I'd give for that ability to organize! I'm a container person, too. We live fairly close to the water and things have a tendency to get lumpy -- or stale if not used quickly, or sealed up. Yes, I remember when avocado green was popular here!

i'm too ashamed to show my messy pantry!

My pantry consists of 2 cupboards and half of the floor of my cloths closet. I need a bigger kitchen. :)

I love this pantry, and I love Costco, too. Ours is 13 minutes away, and I count myself very lucky. Thanks for sharing!

Great pantry! I'm stuck with nothing but cabinets in my small kitchen so I am very jealous. Thanks for stopping by Apples and Butter!

Great pantry with lots of space! I love Costco, you can't beat it!

Thanks for the kind words, it is still fairly neat, but not quite as much so as in the pictures. I'm looking forward to more pantry pictures from other blog readers.

I love those green top jars. I love green!! We have problems with bugs too, in Singapore. So I used mother nature's insect repellent - Pandan Leaves. I'm not sure if you buy it there though. It work wonders and it is soo cheap here. Only we have to change it every few weeks.

A kindred soul! I have the same containers with the green lids, since prehistory. About leaves -- some people use bay leaves for the purpose. I wonder if the dried ones work?

Being a chef, I would love to have so much space!

Last year I made a trade-off and moved back into town from my rural cottage on 3 arces, with a wonderful large kitchen.

My new apartment (with no garden) has a tiny kitchen but it makes more sense than riding my ride-on mower at midnight after 12 hours in a kitchen.

Love this look into your pantry, although I have seen it in person, sis!!!

Hooray PENZEYS! my fave :)

"fortunately" you throw them out? that's terrible. i'm super glad you didn't get blasted by a hurricane, but am sad you're throwing out food.

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