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Other People's Pantries #32

From Dini (Belacan and Pasta) in Singapore:

I hail from the tiny sunny island of Singapore. We are a multi-racial country and Anthony Bourdain described us as the New York of Asia because of the food culture we have here. My kitchen serves all kind of dishes from my traditional Malay-Java background, to recipes learned from my dad when he was working on the Mediterranean ships, to books I borrowed from the library, anything from Indian to Thai to Moroccan.

The first picture is a cabinet door located right below my stove. It stores herbs, spices and dried ingredients such as beans, vermicelli and pasta, and soya sauce. Easily accessible when I need them.


There are also my beloved jars that store turmeric (kunyit), salt (garam) and tamarind (asam). The jars are labeled in Malay language and are really a great find!


The third picture is where I keep my baking stuff.


The fourth and fifth pictures are where I keep my flour, our staples -- rice, lazy food like instant noodles and canned food. A typical canned food purchase will include canned fava beans and peas to make Foul Mesdammes (My husband loves it!), corned beef and sardines for lazy dinners eaten with rice.... of course I don't cook the corned beef and sardines together!!



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Totally love the jars! Those are really a treasure.
That first pull out is super function!
Terrific pantry!

I recognize so many of the brands of food in your pantry, so far from my pantry -- the global food world is really amazing.

I love this peek into your kitchen, Dini. It just speaks of great cooking. When can we all come for dinner?

Hi Dini:
Those jars are beautiful! Lydia's and my favorite trip ever was to Singapore and peninsular Malaysia. Your pantry brings back memories of smells and tastes of a fabulous place and wonderful cuisine. Except durian.

A super-looking pantry!


I love the jars too, they are great.
I have not made foul yet but have the fava beans. I used to eat it in Toronto in an Eritrean restaurant and loved it.

i like seeing the different brands that are in people's pantry that are outside of my country. many things are so similar!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the comments.

I'm really new at this food-blogging network. I blog so that my sis stop asking me for recipes and go to my blog instead. heheh.

MyKitchenInHalfCups - Been to ur site and loved all your recipes and pictures.

I've to agree with mae and "We Are Never Full". I love seeing what other people buy and stock up in their pantry. And yeah, we may be halfway across the globe but we eat the same things.

Natashya, I have the Foul Mesdammes recipe if you are interested ;-)

Heheh, Ted. Alot of Westerners cannot stand Durian. Just like how I can't swallow some of the cheese.

Feel free to drop by my blog... but be warned. I'm a lazy blogger.

I'll be dropping by your blogs too!!!

Your jars are stunning. I'll check out your blog.
What is foul mesdammes?

Ditto -- I'm ready for the recipe. I have dried fava beans: can they be used?
I love the pantry, but the only labels I recognize are Hershey's and Droste's. Chocolate must be the universal language.

I'm from Singapore too! How nice to peek into a pantry in Singapore ;) I recognise some of the foods and packages ;) You have a very well stocked pantry ^^

hai..looking at your jar then I was really surprised..kunyit, garam, asam..my common daily words you know..hehehe
I'm Indonesian, and I even don't have a kind of those jar..very nice

Hi Sue,

Foul Mesdammes is a mediterranean dish made from Fava Beans. Like a bean stew... but my version uses minced beef.

Hey Susan G....Chocolate must be the universal language. I like that. I've not tried the Droste Cacao tho. Bought it in Bangkok cos I looove the packaging. Heheh...

Diana, I got the jars in Malaysia in a supermarket. I was sooo excited about it, I jumped in the middle of the aisle. You can read abt my silly antics in the my blog.

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