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Other People's Pantries #28

From Sue, in Lakeville, Massachusetts:

Vern’s Mini-Mart (what we call our pantry) was so named because of my husband’s obsession with stocking it as if a hurricane were imminent.


There isn’t just one back-up bottle of olive oil, there are 3 or 4. Need some hominy? Which do you prefer, yellow or white? How many cans do you need? 

Baby hearts of palm? Got it. Sliced bamboo shoots? We currently have two, plus two cans of water chestnuts. And grapeseed oil and clam juice and umpteen cartons of chicken and beef broth. And tuna! Oh my gosh, do we have tuna!

And that’s just in the Mini-Mart. There are also cabinets and drawers stuffed full in the kitchen. Got the picture?

When we moved into this house eight years ago, there were four packing boxes full of pasta of all shapes and sizes. Yes, four -- I unpacked them myself.

At one point, I tried to manage the purchasing with a shopping list that I devised on the computer. I made cute little check boxes next to all the staples that we might need. The idea was to take the list and scan the pantry shelves, and check the boxes for the things we need to buy at the market. Vern looked at it as a Wish List.

One day the postman delivered a large package; in it was a sign made by my son, Kyle, who owns a woodworking business. It is the sign you see in the photo.

And that's how the legend of the Mini-Mart was born.

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Now that's a great story. Although I would think in Massachusetts he would stick for a blizzard instead of a hurricane!

Cute, cute story. So funny & well written. I'm so glad you shared it (and your pantry!) with the rest of us.

Very cute! That's how I like to stock my pantry too. I guess it makes me feel secure to have plenty of food on hand.

Ummm...but isn't that normal pantry-stocking behaviour? :)

I just want to know about the hunting horn...


Paula: Great point about the blizzard vs. hurricane DUH!!

Sandie: I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a great time writing it! I should straighten it out now.

Kalyn: I think my husband also feels secure when the pantry is well-(over?) stocked. He grew up on a farm during the depression and talks with great fondness of his grandmother growing vegetables and preserving them for the winter and making jams and jellies.

Jasmine: Pantries surely are for stocking, but, unfortunately, when they are over-stocked there is waste. I believe it was the pantry last weekend that was minimally stocked to prevent waste. BTW, the hunting horn is just a Christmas decoration that never got put away. There was a large, red plaid bow on it that was removed and will be replaced in December.

love that sign!!! :-)

I chuckled out loud reading about Vern's Mini-Mart. That is so ME. My shelves are so packed that when we had an earthquake about 10 days ago about 10 jars and bottles that were precariously wedged onto a tiny bit of shelf space came tumbling down. Splat. Big mess. Many big dents in our lovely hard wood floor. Even the tuna cans got dented. One jar with a ribbed edge left a big ribbed dent in the wood, then the bottle broke. Anyway, loved the story. Keep them coming, Lydia

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