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Other People's Pantries #23

From Laurie (Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska), in Anchorage:

Here's a picture of my pantry. As you can see, it's a walk-in. It used to be a back hallway that made a second entry into the kitchen.  We blocked off the hallway, added shelves, and created the pantry. It's so convenient, now I don't know how we managed without it.

The yellow plastic baskets on the right have onions, garlic, shallots, and tomatoes in them. The jars above the baskets hold grains and legumes. The tins on the next shelf hold noodles and pastas. Underneath the yellow baskets are plastic containers with whole herbs and spices. The next bank of shelves over has baking supplies plus company dishes and glassware. The jars on the top right hand side of the shelves on the short end of the pantry contain dried mushrooms from mushrooms gathered off our property. Everything else is pretty obvious.

The best thing about this walk-in pantry is there is an automatic light that comes on when you walk into the pantry and goes out on its own. This allows me to walk in and out of the pantry with my hands full which is the best thing ever.


On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Great pantry!!!!! Nice use of the space.
:) sharon

I'm definitely envious. Fantastic!!

Wow! Big nice and neat! I want one like this!

Paz ;-)

Wonderful pantry! I am hoping that we'll have something like that for our kitchen in the not too distant future. And yes, great use of space!


Clearly we all love this space. It seems to me to be closest to the best grandmothers' pantries. Functional, practical, and a great support for outstanding cooking. May I come to dinner?

*falls on the floor in a fit of jealousy*

Fabulous pantry!

What a great pantry Laurie---and in one of my most favorite places on earth---Alaska!

Thanks for inviting us in to look!

So fine! It's fun how something as small as an automatic light can bring such joy!

This is really inspiring--great use of space! Someday. . .

What a great pantry, love it!

talk about perfect!
very jealous right now

I am on my way right now to straighten out my pantry. How nice!!!!

Wonderful pantry! So organized. I'm with lolobstersquad, it makes me want to go upstairs and do something with mine!

wohoo this has got to be like the HUGEST & coolest pantry I have seen!

We can never have walk-in pantry like this in Singapore because of our high humidity. I have to store most of my herbs in the fridge -_-

oooooh! I want a pantry like this! All those shelves and storage! I really need to go to a closet place...

Ah I'm jealous of this one for sure. Organized, auto-lighting, ... :-P

Thank you Lydia for featuring my pantry. I've enjoyed reading about other peoples' pantries, so decided I'd better open my own to inspection! I really loves this series of yours - doing it was such a good idea. Thanks again!

Thanks Sharon! I thought a lot about it before we closed off the hallway. One of the things I like best is how shalllow the shelves at the end of the pantry are - it allows me to see at a glance what's on hand.

Glad you like it, Pauline.

Paz, having a hall to close off came in really handy!

K, I hope you get your pantry ASAP!

Candy, I just set a plate for you. In my dimly remembered childhood home we had a walk-in pantry which I never could get out of my mind.

Ann, let me help you up! Glad you liked the pantry.

Stevi, you're so welcome. Speaking of Alaska, May and June are the best months here - green, sunny, and beautiful.

Halfcups, such a small detail, but so essential.

Michelle, everyone deserves a walkin pantry - good luck!

Thank you, Kalyn.

lolobstersquad - don't get jealous - just start planning!

Sue, after you clean your pantry - why not send in a picture??

Pam, ditto what I said to Sue!

Noobcook, even here I need to keep everything in airtight containers to protect the food.

Chris - it is amazing that the presence of good shelf space makes it much easier to keep organized.

Sigh...I adore the organisation of it all...I'm still trying to sort mine out...


Wow, a fabulous pantry! Thanks for sharing.

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