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Other People's Pantries #26

From Andrea (Montreal Foodies), in Montreal, Canada:

It's been about a month since we moved into our new MontrealFoodies HQ and the pantry has managed to stay fairly organized.

A big difference in the new place is how high the cupboards are; a stepping stool has recently been purchased to help my "short" 5'8" reach get to the all important goodies on the top shelf. Baskets also help prevent random items going astray.





On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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do you imagine how a 5 feet flat girl like me reach out my top shelf (well all my shelf for that matter) hehehe its cute to be small but not practical in the kitchen :-)

Thanks for a great peek at some the brand names found inside a Canadian pantry! Your pantry is so nicely organized.

dhanggit: Hihih, those little ladders are GREAT! They prevent many potential avalanches that would occur if tossing items up there was my only option.

Kathy: Thanks! I try to keep it tidy whenever I put away items I've cooked with.

Wow, if only I had that much pantry space...

100 calorie caramel? i don't think that's available in the states. :-(

A well stocked pantry :)

Those little baskets are quite handy. I could use those in my new (and incredibly limited) pantry space.

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