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Other People's Pantries #19

From Pauline, in Foster, Rhode Island:

Welcome to my kitchen, which is exactly 7 feet wide by 9 feet long. I am never more than 2 steps away from any ingredient or appliance. Small does have its advantages.


Since counter space is at a premium, I have no room to put a “canister set”  which I could use because I love to make bread. If you look above the stove I have bread flour, wheat flour, sugar, regular flour, rye flour and an “extra” container for semolina or oat flour or whatever strikes my fancy.


What makes this kitchen work is the corner cabinet. I have all my herbs and spices in the top cabinet on three lazy Susans. This cabinet is dark (I put a light on for the picture) and cool. The top shelf of the freezer door has temperature-sensitive spices.


The bottom cabinet is a full-size lazy Susan. It’s amazing how many containers this cabinet holds. The top shelf is mostly jars and bottles. The labels are on the lids so that the contents can be identified when looking down at the shelf. The bottom shelf holds boxes, pasta and mostly dry goods.


In the last picture you will notice that I use the wasted space of the corner shelf for small appliance storage and for things that don’t fit elsewhere.


I do like my kitchen -- which is about the size of some pantries.    

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Very nice-looking pantry. I love how well-organized it is. I wish mine were like that. ;-)


Very clever use of available space - great job, Pauline!

I agree - very organized! It is all what you make of it :)

This kitchen is so organized-everything is so neatly in place! That takes time and effort-I need to do some house cleaning!

I always love the different kitchens featured each week. Your lazy susans are a great way to make your space useful. I would love a big one in the corner, like you have.

Wow. That's organized. You're inspiring me to clean my cupboards, Pauline!

The kitchen may be small, but it is definitely complete! It gives me a cozy feeling, & it's so neat. I think sometimes big kitchens becomes cluttered easily, whereas when space is a premium, one tends to think more carefully about what goes into the space ;) Btw, the kitchens in apartments in Singapore are generally not much bigger, hehee

Small has many advantages! This kitchen works because you organize it to maximize it. Wonderful kitchen and cook!

Thank you for all your compliments. I'm not really THAT organized as a rule, but if I want to cook and bake I have to be able to find things and have a place to work. I look forward to seeing more pantries, there are always new ways of doing things.

I really enjoyed seeing your pantry Pauline. I too have a small space, but you make such good use of yours. I am inspired. Thanks!

You are so well organised! Thank you for sharing :)

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