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Other People's Pantries #22

From Kristine (The Global Kitchen), in Cave Creek, Arizona:

I like to think my pantry reflects my sense of adventure with all the exotic Asian ingredients on the bottom shelf. I pretty much have all the staples to cook a variety of meals from various countries.

One crazy thing I do is keep a spreadsheet of all my pantry items. It prevents me from buying duplicates.



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Wow, a spreedsheat for your pantry??? I think this is a brilliant idea, it would definitely help with the over-indulgence (buying) of all my favorite staples...chicken stock, salt, olive oil, and vinegar!

I also think the spreadsheet is a brilliant idea. That way when you're out of some ingredients you can put a sign on the spreadsheet. And when making the shopping list you would just take a peek at your spreadsheet.

Forgive me for the echo but Spreadsheet for your pantry! Wow. I did one for our wine cellar once but it didn't last long.
Beautifully organized!

I would only be willing to do all that data entry if I had a bar-code scanner and appropriate data access, so I could just scan the item as I put it on my shelf, and not have to type. If you scanned the item when you used it up, it could make your shopping list too. That used to sound like a joke: now it's close to feasible at home.

I love how it looks nice, neat and spacious.



The challenge was entering the initial inventory. That took the better part of a Saturday morning.

I keep the spreadsheet in Google documents so I can check it from anywhere. That's pretty handy when I find a recipe at work and plan on making a grocery store run on the way home. Maintaining it hasn't been too difficult. It just takes a little effort.

Just when I think I have the pantry figured out...my wife rearranges it! lol

Oh I wish I was that organized to have a pantry spreadsheet... and a freezer and fridge sheet now that I'm dreaming.

Lovely looking pantry, so organised too. I love mine but it's organised chaos lol.

Looks well organized and plenty of room :) Thanks for sharing!

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