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Other People's Pantries #14

A special pantry peek, from Diane and Todd, also known as White on Rice Couple, in Southern California:

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Oh goodness, no voice-overs on this video! I can't believe I kept calling all the "cabinets" as "drawers"! I even referred to the fridge as the "cabinet"!! Please remember, "English my second language".
We had so much fun making this video for your awesome event! Thanks again Lydia for the opportunity to participate!
BTW- I still don't think Todd's joke is funny!


Man, the abuse I take from Diane. She's a bratty one. Thanks again for having a great event and allowing us to share. Cheers.


Diana and Todd what a fun video! I've used Rock Salt in a couple of different ways.On fresh fruits like melon, mangoes, appples, bananas even...it just gives them a kick. You could replace regular salt 1:1 with it while cooking Indian curries. It adds a new dimension to the dish.

Thanks Bina! The fresh fruit options sound fabulous!

Great video - you guys should have your own show. It's great fun to see where everyone puts things. I've never put bottles in a drawer, but why not? The revealing of all those noodles was great fun to watch.

That was an amazing visit! Not only what's in the cabinets, drawers, fridge, but your total command of it all! And blood orange right off the tree... An elderly Indian man once made a meal for us, and I believe he used the black salt in a tomato chutney. Think I have some, never used. Now honestly, is it always so eat off the floor clean?

WOW what a beautiful and well-equipped kitchen. I love the cooking at the end too! :D

Rupert- Thanks for finding fun in all the noodles! We actually had more footing showing off the noodles, but were afraid we would bore everyone to death!

Susan- Using the black salt in a chutney sounds great. It looks like everyone is recommending to us it with fruits and such. Thanks for the advice!

Noobcook - Cooking in the end wasn't really planned, but we winged through it anyways, hoping it would make sense. We're kinda glad we did :)

I love your kitchen. This may be the only pantry I've seen that might have more stuff than I do! One thing for sure, you've definitely got more noodles! Lots of interesting stuff in that pantry of yours.

What a beautiful kitchen, and so well stocked! But, was that your garden you stepped out into and picked that orange right off the tree? heaven!

Todd & Diane, you know I think you guys are great, "Oh ya, I have some of that in the frig... Let's cook this too... How about a cocktail... Let me grab some fresh produce from the garden..."

Oh my, you really are too much and cook a lot like I do! (Different types of food of course, but much in the same, laid-back, enjoyable style.)

Loved the video and thanks to Lydia for putting you on her air. You're all a fantastic bunch of bloggers and I'm better off for getting to know each of you! What a wonderful blogosphere we share!

Kalyn - Thankyou and there's the other half of our pantry we didn't show, the garage! We could bore you with about another hours worth of noodles!

Chris - We have lots of garden goodies growing, which make up a large part of our cooking. Luckily there were a few blood oranges left for us to make this cocktail! Almost all gone!

Sandie - Thanks for the support and you make the blogoshere a better place too! We'll have to cook together sometime, we'd have a blast!

White on Rice Couple... I truly enjoyed your welcome to our pantry video! Plus all your cooking tips esp. shrimp chips and your pantry absolutes. Now I will definitely go out and buy some fish sauce. Thanks again!

Thanks for sharing your pantry! We call shrimp chips 'prawn crackers' here (UK) - I usually buy them, but will give them a go myself now :)

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