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Other People's Pantries #15

From Stef (Cupcake Project), in St. Louis, Missouri:

I organized my pantry 9 months ago and blogged about it. You can read all about it here.

How did my organization withstand the test of time?

It’s actually holding up quite nicely. The problem, not surprisingly, is how to organize new products. Sometimes when I get something new, I end up shoving it in the pantry with no regard for my organization system. To keep the pantry organized, I really need to make a home for each new item.

My favorite part of my pantry: my spices. We laid them all flat so I could see every one. Before the pantry reorganization, I couldn’t ever find a spice when I needed it.

My least favorite part of the pantry: all of the large bottles of sauces and oils. I can’t seem to find any good way to store them so that I can see everything.



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Stayed like that 9 months - incredible! Congratulations. Great pantry.

While blown away by the sheer number of matching containers (labeled!) I must admit I relate more to the helter-skelter storage in the colorful manufacturers containers that leads many of the earlier pantries to a more abstract design effect. But I congratulate anyone who not only starts such a project, but continues it!

I'm lucky to have seen Stef's kitchen (though not her uber-organized pantry) and its most amazing feature is COLOR. Stef, we need to do an herb-n-spice run together some Saturday morning soon!

MyKitchen - Thanks! This is the first placed I have lived that has even had a pantry. It's such a luxury!

Mae - This is the only part of my house that looks in the least bit organized like that. It just made it so much easier for me to find things in there.

Alanna - I love the color in our kitchen! I'm surprised you didn't see the pantry when you were here. Guess we kept it closed. Anytime on the spice run!

Damnit, I thought it said "other people's panties".

Only joking; great little idea for a feature!

LOL! Scott! ;-)

This pantry looks terrific. Really well organized.


Great pantry, I love all your boxes, in fact you are really well stocked all round!

wow this looks like a "walk-in pantry". So huge!! :)

Paz - Thanks!!

Kelly - Yeah, you'd never know that we eat dinner out almost every night.

Noob - You can walk into it. I love it!

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