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Other People's Pantries #12

From Chris (Mele Cotte), in Atlanta, Georgia:

Here is my pantry. Scary!! This was a hard event because it exposes the inner sanctum!  :)



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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And this inner sanctum (soul) has a lot of chocolate! Looks well stocked!!

Wow! So up close and personal! Hee hee! Thanks for a fun event Lydia.

Fun seeing Chris' pantry, which is nicely organized just like I would expect!

How nice to see a pantry that resembles my own after all of the recent GORGEOUS walk-in styles. Maybe I'll send you a photo one of these days. :-)

Whoa - you've got a container of baking soda that looks bigger than my flour bin!

Not scary at all. Well-stocked. Cool!


I don't know why I enjoy peeking into other people's pantries, but I do. While every pantry is unique, there's always a uniting item in each that reminds me we're not so different after all. Thanks Chris, for sharing yours!

I agree with Paz, not scary. Now mine, the rickety shelf of teetering bottles and boxes...well that is scary...lol, I haven't quite come to terms with sharing it just yet. ;-)

How nice to see Pantry # 12 well stocked and things neatly labelled. Great job

I can see the shelves are starting bow under the weight :). I recently cleaned out all my cupboards because I didn't like how everything was working together. We ended up using cardboard and styrofoam from something we had purchased to make our own risers. It works great!

wow, what a well stocked and nice pantry with the neat labels :)

Your pantry looks good, well organised and full of good things!

Chris, I used to visit your site, but for some reason my computer keeps locking when I try to visit now, so I haven't left a comment in a long time, but I hope all is well with you!

Random thought: has even one pantry yet appeared without peanut butter? (It wouldn't have shown up in my photos because I keep it in the frige, but of course I always have it too.)

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