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Other People's Pantries #7

From Mary (From the Heart of Texas), in Frankton, Texas:

I just recently built a new house and in designing it, started with the pantry. Here are photos of the pantry and my spice rack.





On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Wow. What a dream pantry! I love it. How wonderful that you started your construction dreaming about your pantry. It's almost another kitchen!

I am so jealous! These pantries are amazing. My pantry is more like a shelved closet. I wish mine could grow up to be like one of these! And I would be ashamed to take a picture now- mine is in dire need of reorganizing- it is a challenge to open the door without getting hit by something!

What a beautiful pantry! It is like having a supermarket of one's own. The organization is incredible.

Wow! Very nice!


Thanks, for all the wonderful comments! In my previous home, I had a closet pantry which was adequate for storing food stuff but I needed more space so I ended up turning a wet bar that went unused into an additional pantry to handle everything from extra sets of dishes and serving pieces, to appliances, to cookbooks. Knowing I wanted that much room again, I started the design of my new house with the pantry. I honestly don't know what I would do without the space. My mother said she could live for a month just on what I have in the pantry. I love it and it functions like a dream.

I am a newbie at blogging but stop and take a look. http://fromtheheartoftexas.blogspot.com/

Say, what is that thing in between your food processor and your blender? I can't make it out...

Alex, the thing between the food processor and blender is a couple of stacked items. On the bottom is a case that houses the food processor blades. Sitting on top of it is a scale. In looking back at the other pictures, I noticed the lid to my bread maker is open. Just goes to show you don't always catch every little thing when you try to take pictures.

1) this is pantry porn. And I love it. And those pantries are HUGE.
2) I am really, really hoping that the people who own those pantries madly cleaned and organized their pantries before photographing them (look at the way things are lined up!), because my stuff is much more helter-skelter shoved in, stacked up and shaken about. But I know (mostly) where it all is.

WOW! You lucky, lucky thing. All I have in mine is two cupboard for all the spices we use. It's not even a whole pantry.

This is the daughter of the perfect pantry owner on todays display! I just wanted to let you know that speaking from personal experience that this is the way my mom's pantries look day in and out... as long as she can keep my dad and me from rampaging it! She amazes me everyday!
Every one of my friends that come over just loose their minds over the house and, the view... but the panry is the icing on the cake. My boyfriend (soon to be chef) sometimes refuses to come out of there when we visit!! Enjoy the pictures - hope they give you inspiration and... I LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!

That is quite the pantry! I have things squirreled away in every odd nook and cranny--that looks like everything is right where you could need it. I have some pantry envy...

I really am enjoying reading all the nice comments about my pantry. Here's a little more info in case you are interested. The room is roughly 100 square feet (12' X 8.5'). I know in some parts of the country that is prime real estate but building costs in Texas are still fairly reasonable. My builder asked me if I was going to have enough stuff to fill it up. As you can tell, that was no problem. During construction, he referred to it as kitchen part duex. It is true confession time though, I did straighten things a little before I took the pictures but as my youngest daughter said in her comment, I have a thing for stuff being in its place. This is pretty much the way it looks most of the time. One of the smartest decisions I made in the design was putting the bottom cabinets on slides so they pull out. No standing on your head to find things in the back. I have done it in the past but didn't want to do it any more.

Perfection is only highlighted by the one (deliberate) imperfection: isn't that from the philosophy of the Japanese tea ceremony? That open bread machine just reminds us that you live there! How beautiful it all is.

two words.....holy cow!

Oh goodness! This is beautiful and big! What a wonderful collection of goodies. Your pantry is bigger than our house! Well, almost! :)

I think that pantry is bigger then my apartment! I'm all for living small but I do wish I had a better pantry. Right now I have stainless steel shelves in the "dining room" that houses a lot of pots, pans, bulk items etc.



Love this pantry!! Awesome!!

Wow I dream of a pantry like this!

I have never felt so jealous in my life. Never. Awesome pantry.


some pantry this is!! gorgeous!!

This pantry is amazing. I just built a house and it came with a corner pantry that was MORE then I could have dreamed of......then I saw yours LOL. Our last house didn't have a pantry, all our food was in a storage room down stairs. I was so excited to have a panty in my kitchen....but this has given me something to think of for the future.

I would love to know how you grouped your foods together? I stumped on how to organize my new pantry.

Excuse me while I turn bile green with envy. What a fantastic space! Being a nosy sort I love peeking in other people's pantries (never their medicine cabinets). I gave up my pantry to install a powder room and now my foodstuffs are stored in two tall, narrow (10" x 12") shelving units.

Ooo, almost forgot to ask my question. Is the pantry supplied with electrical outlets and do you use the appliances (mixer, processor, etc.) in there?

Constance, the pantry does have electrical plugs. There are 2 outlets on each of the 3 walls that have cabinets. At the end of the pantry in picture 3, you can see a part of a doorway. That opening leads into my laundry room. On the back side of the wall in picture 1 where the wine racks are, is a powder room which you enter through the mudroom. The pantry runs alongside the kitchen. The door into the pantry is at the end of the kitchen beside my ovens. It functions very well. It allows me to keep my mixer, bread maker, deep fryer, food processor and various other appliances out. I wouldn't use them nearly as much as I do if I had to put them away every time I used them. It is also nice if someone drops by, I can hide all my messiness behind a closed door.

WOW. this is _THE_ perfect pantry! I'm very very impressed! Especially by the beautiful brown spice cupboard, and the impressive booze collection!

Your pantry is amazing!! I LOVE it!!

hey ken and mary hope yall are doing great, we missyou guys.nothing slow about me huh,almost three years and i just now found out alot of folks have seen our pantry. i had no idea lol. love yall, rock and janna.

I love that this pantry is more than just food storage and more than just pretty. It's got places for wine, liquor and cookbooks, not to mention the larger appliances and a spot to sit and check out your recipes. The specialty servware is also there in a way that's out of the way, but never out-of-sight-out-of-mind. You need those things when you are cooking, and there you are in the pantry! Even though my own pantry is just a closet, this gives me GREAT ideas of how to organize and include some of these other items in there.


<3 the spice pantry!

I'm still drooling over this pantry years later :)

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