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Other People's Pantries #6

From Kathleen (Kathleen's Vegetarian Kitchen), in northeast Florida:

Kathleenbefore I wasn't much of a cook until I remodeled and expanded the kitchen of my 1920s-era house.

This first photo was my pantry before the remodel. It was a doorway that had been blocked and lined with very narrow shelves. It was the only food storage of my entire kitchen besides my refrigerator. It had a certain charm, and I sometimes found myself buying canned goods with pretty labels, since they would be on display. I would catch guests staring at my pantry, and that was pretty fun.

After the remodel was complete, I found myself with more storage than I could have dreamed. I love my new pantry (photos below) with the roll-out shelves and all of the other cabinets and nooks available to me. Now most of my pantry items are hidden behind doors, but I decided to keep most of my spices out in the open for people to be able to easily snoop.

Remodeling the kitchen changed my life, because I now love to cook. Please visit the link to my blog for more descriptions of my new pantry.




Every Saturday we peek into Other People's Pantries.

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I love the glossy countertops. What material did you use?

Hello! Thanks, I actually used two different materials for my countertops. But the counter that is pictured is John Boos butcher block with a varnique finish. I have an island and one other area of butcher block which is unfinished that I cut on and use for kneading/rolling out dough.

But I didn't use wood on the countertop that holds my sink. For that counter I used standard laminate. You can see better here:

Beautiful kitchen!

I love the glossy wood and the roll out shelves. Looking at them makes me think that there's a need for better package design, so that we can store things in a way that we can tell what's in the package, it sits firmly and is safe from pests and humidity. Thanks for the peek.

It really is neat to see so many different ways to do the same thing.
And it is most fabulous to find a redo the sparks new energy and passions. Thanks so much for this one.

The wood in your kitchen is beautiful, and I have a garlic croc just like that! Thanks for sharing.

I love those roll out shelves. It´s really great to have all the stuff out in plain view, but being able to keep it out of sight is so much more comfortable! No wonder you enjoy cooking much more now.

Love your pantry!


Thanks for all of the comments! It was fun sharing my new kitchen. I did something a bit uncoventional though, and today I uploaded two new photos to my pantry post. Mainly I got the idea to include the new photos based on the comment that package design isn't ideal as it is difficult to easily see what I have in my pantry drawers. I totally agree!! The one drawer where that is not a problem is the one that I hadn't featured. So, I fixed that and included more photos that show good package design, etc.

Again, thanks for all the comments! Looking forward to seeing more pantries!


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