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Other People's Pantries #4

From Mary (Sweet Mary) in Providence, Rhode Island:

My current apartment is in a house that is almost a hundred years old and has a lot of character. The big old sink and glass cabinets are actually separate from the rest of the kitchen in a small room that feels like a pantry unto itself. Nothing but shelves and drawers in there. So, I have tons of space for all of my stuff, as well as incredible light all day long. It's a funky old kitchen that I really enjoy working in.



On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry! Here's how.

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This pantry has such a clean and airy look!

wow, I´d give anything for cupboards like that. although maybe the temptation to buy and but stuff would be too great.

What nice bright cupboards! Mine looks like a dungeon in comparison! Ha! Great to see what others have to work with!

Just seeing this brings back so many happy memories for me.

What a beautiful and orderly pantry and cabinets! You would be hiorrified to see how crazy mine look right now!

Very cool!


I agree with you,lobstersquad.

One day I'm going to build a house with that pantry in it! That's what a pantry should be.

A butler's pantry! I have pantry envy.

Wow! So thats what its like to be able to see whats in the pantry. I love it! I need a lovely and usable pantry like this one.

Hi Everyone: I am one of those pantry voyeurs, and I just love seeing inside people's homes. Does anyone know of a good book on pantry organization or on pictures of pantry's to get ideas?

A separate room, light, cabinets with glass doors, being able to see everything at a glance, what a great pantry!

Love your pantry!
And I think the older the pantry, the lovelier & the better...

I love this idea! I've made a note to pass along an introduction to my pantry...as soon as my life gets back to normal and I have this baby!

Someone really has all that room in their pantry? If I had that space I'd just fill it up.
Wait... I do...and I did!
Lovely space!

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