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Other People's Pantries #3

From Rachel (Coconut & Lime), in Baltimore:

I wish I had a perfect pantry! When we were on Take Home Handyman, one of the major goals was to help us with our food storage problem. That didn't happen, but they did install cool magnetic strips to one wall and attached a bunch of containers that we have since filled with easily identifiable spices. The rest of our spices and dozens of varieties of sugars, cocoas, flours, rices and baking supplies is in cabinets, on a shelf above our butcher block or on the counter next to our stove. One day I will have a real pantry!




On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us yours.

Here's how.


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Great fun seeing OPP! What a bright, fun place for goodies! Lydia, I hope you don't mind that I tagged you for being interesting at: http://fromargentinawithlove.typepad.com/from_argentina_with_love/


The spices look simply adorable in their neat rows on the magnetic strip. The only thing I would be concerned about is the transparent lids- spices lose their color and flavor dramatically when exposed to light.

First, let me say that I LOVE the idea behind Other People's Pantries. What fun! It's like getting to peek inside someone's medicine chest, but better - it provides a sneak preview into how someone manages their kitchen. I would love to start doing something similar to this on my own blog, but would hate to copy your idea. I'll have to come up with my own version. As they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Second, I love the color of the walls in Rachel's pantry/kitchen. That blue (at least in the photos) has such a tropical feel. Couple that with the dash of pink on the cutting board, and hints of green, orange, blue and red... and you've got the basis for a kitchen that's fun and happy to be in. I can almost hear the music from the steel drums playing in the background.

Thanks for sharing. Other People's Pantries has become part of my regular Saturday morning reads. Have a good weekend everyone!

Hey this kitchen looks familiar!
Nupur: we wondered about the spices losing the flavor but it actually isn't an issue. Our kitchen gets very little natural light (I used photography lights for the pictures) and the corner the spices are in is quite dark. We also use up the spices rather quickly.

Very nice!


i love the spices against the bright blue wall! so fun. my kitchen and pantry are really functional, but i wish they were half as cheery as this one!

what a cheerful pantry,I just love the magnetic strip.Do you think we have it here in Malaysia?can I send a pic of my shelves in the kitchen?you'll faint if you see them.here in asia,i don't think people have pantries.

Now who's pantry is that cute?
I love the bright blue~ that would start the day with a smile.

lov all the info yo provide for cooking. am learning about spices, etc I never hear of-great

what fun, seeing Rachel´s pantry! It´s so cool, that magnet container gizmo is the ultimate in chic useful decoration. And I love the pink cutting board.

Thanks, everyone, and thanks to Rachel for sharing her pantry! More pantries to come...

That magnetic strip is a great idea! I wish I had one. Those walls - such vibrant colours. Cooking in such a cheerful-looking kitchen must be a pleasure!
Thanks for showing your pantry.

I am glad you like our kitchen! The metal strips and spices jars are from IKEA if anyone is interested and the color (yes it really is that bright-you should see our lime green dining room) is Blue Yonder from Home Depot.

I've thought that magnetic strip is such a keen idea, I'd like one of them!

Oooh! I saw magnetic strips like these at the Container Store and was so interested. But, I couldn't picture them up in my house. I am a little clearer now...I may just have to head back there. :)

I love the magnetic strip spice storage solution! My husband and I are going to put money to replicate that in next month's budget. Very cool!

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