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Honey (Recipe: mango lassi)


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My wife and I love a good mango lassi! Honey and rosewater sound like a nice touch.

It took getting used to for me the first time I had one since I was so used to sickly-sweet, overly-filling, milk shakes, whereas that's not quite what a lassi is about. Salt and yogurt give it that odd tang, that somehow, makes it a really refreshing drink. I also like a bit of cardamom in mine, but I think I'd add it to everything if I could. ;-)

Tobacco is grown in southern Ontario, Ms Lyd -- and grapes and apples and peaches in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. So yes, bees ...

The mango lassi sounds so refreshing! The addition of rose water is a nice touch...usually it contains cardamom (as Mike said above).
Lydia, have you tried canned mango pulp (sold in Indian stores). It is quite convenient for mango lassi and milkshakes. It is usually sweetened, though.

Happy early Valentine's, honey! I'm in the Big Apple today and can't wait to get home to try the mango lassi.
Honey Bunch

Yummmmss!! I want one right now!
too bad the season of mango has finished:(

Ooooh, all your honey recipes sound amazing! I was sooo excited as soon as I saw you had a honey post... :-)

i LOVE mangoes and i LOVE lassi!! so, this is my fav combo...i always order this when i go to dine out in Indian restaurants :)

Oooh thanks for the education on honey. I never knew it was made in the bees mouthes and then deposited.

Sugar pie honey bunch indeed! This sounds like a killer combo--I mean that as a true compliment! They still have pretty good mango (pricey but worth it) at the gourmet store near me.

Now frozen mango chunks is a great idea...no dealing with that pulpy hairy pit! Alas lassi has lassoed my heart, bees excuse the pun - happy valentines day to you

Mike, cardamom is lovely in this. I had the rose water left from another dish, and it worked well in this lassi, too.

Alanna, after 30+ years married to a Canadian, I'm still learning so many things I like about "our friendly neighbor to the north", as we call it around here!

Nupur, I've seen the canned mango pulp in Indian markets and also in our local Latino markets. If it's sweetened, Ted will love it that much more!

Rupert, you are my one and only honey bunch. xoxo

Valentina, we're definitely eating out-of-season mangoes here, too.

Astra Libris, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. Thanks for stopping by!

Superchef, mango is definitely the most popular flavor of lassi when we go out to Indian restaurants, too.

Hillary, isn't that amazing? Bees are so efficient.

Cakespy, if not for Trader Joe's, I'd definitely be waiting until spring/summer to make this lassi. I buy just one or two at a time, so the price doesn't sting quite so much!

Callipygia, in my area, the Latino supermarkets have the best selection of frozen fruit -- lots of wonderful tropical fruits like guava, and coconut. All are great for lassi. Bees on Earth, and happy valentines day to you, too!

What a dreamy recipe~I started buying mangos , the frozen ones, just to have them for drinks like this! I have not thought about adding any honey-sounds delicious!Cheers!

Isn't Trader Joe's great? I'm glad you have them in New England for a mango source. This simple, refreshing dessert sounds like a nice bit of summer to your cold environment. This is a great post as a reminder to Todd and I to use honey more often as a sweetner. Thank you.

I love mango! And I'm glad I have honey in my pantry. Gotta find mango, now. ;-)


Honey is the best! Whereas I once thought of it as a simple sweetener, I am much more conscious of the flavor of different types of honey. Much like olive oil, different types of honey have different flavor profiles.

Sounds so refreshing!

Hooray for honey! And hooray for the lassi!
I usually make mine with buttermilk but now that you've brought this one out, I think I'll have to make my next one with Greek yogurt!
Looks yummy.

Jann, I've tried this with agave nectar, too. Not quite the same texture, but delicious.

White on Rice Couple, Trader Joe's is the best. I wish there were one in Rhode Island -- I have to drive to the outskirts of Boston to find one. (C'mon, TJs, surely you can find space somewhere in the state of Rhode Island for a store???)

Paz, one thing I love about New York is that you can get anything, any time -- even out-of-season mango!

TW, I'm trying to pay more attention to the flavors of honey, too. Years ago I found some lemon honey in a gourmet shop; it was the first time I realized that honey actually could have different flavors.

Peabody, it is, it is!

MyKitchen, the Greek yogurt would be nice in this.

Lydia, what a delicious idea to put honey and mangoes together - I'm sure it would be delicious!

My mom always had honey around the house. If we ever sneezed or coughed she would mix lime juice and honey and down our throats it would go. :)

the mango lassi sounds lovely, esp. with the rosewater. that's one ingredient i've never really worked with, and i think it's time to start.

honey is such a pantry staple; i can't imagine not having it around. thanks for the round-up of recipes!

I can picture the little bees flying with mouthfuls of honey ... you always paint a nice picture with your words!

And smart that the Canadian Honey Council has invested in the long-term sustainability of the honey bee population. Kudos to them!

My DH loves mango lassi! This looks like a wonderful recipe - I'll have to try it. And more power to those Canadians for sustaining honey bees rather than war.

Hi Lydia,
I suddenly had this image of a Canadian bee in a winter jacket flash through my mind :-)

I bought a few jars of Tasmanian honey while I was there. Honey tasting is a lot of fun. My favourites tend to be stronger in flavour, like leatherwood honey.

Lassi is always good, the classic combo with mango is my fav.

Happy Valentines' Day ;-)

x nora

Patricia, my grandmother used to give us lemon and honey in tea when we were sick, and to this day it's the drink I reach for whenever I have a cold.

Us vs Food, when I lived in Boston there was a wonderful Lebanese market at the end of my block, and it's there I was introduced to rose water, orange blossom water, and pomegranate molasses. I'm so grateful.

Meg, Jen: Canada has its priorities in order, don't you think?

Nora, I'm giggling (but I confess that I did think about those poor little bees getting cold...). I've never had leatherwood honey -- what is that? Sounds intriguing. Happy V Day to you, too.

War and bees - hee. I confess this made me giggle. ;)

The bee reminds me of the Bee Movie I watched in the airplane last week! Mango lassi - now...where's the indian food? :P

Luisa, thanks. Made me giggle, too.

Tigerfish, the Indian food is coming! I've promised to learn more about that wonderful cuisine this year.

Bee's ... War...?
investing in both are well very much alike. Bee's bring us sweet honey and war brings us sweet peace... suggest that u stick to what you know

Gino, thanks for sharing your point of view.

Happy belated Valentine's day!
Your Mango Lassi sounds divine, I love mangoes, love honey and love bees...make love NOT war!!

Bron, happy Valentine's Day to you, too. Nobody ever said "war is all you need" -- truly, love is all you need! And bees....

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