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Cowboy ketchup (Recipe: Southwestern spicy pulled pork)


I'm not really a cowboy kind of gal.

Neither the films of John Wayne nor the books of Louis L'Amour do much for me. Ask me the difference between a lasso and a lariat, and I'll have to check my dictionary.

So, when I tell you that if -- when -- you visit Oklahoma City, you absolutely, positively, must get yourself to the National Cowboy Museum, you'll know that this is one seriously cool place. The size of a football field, the museum greets hundreds of thousands of visitors each year with galleries specializing in the rodeo, art and sculpture, history, cowboy clothing and equipment, and music. There's even a library of barbed wire styles.

It's a spectacular and comprehensive museum, yet there's one thing missing.

Cowboy ketchup.

In the great tradition of cowboy storytellers, I'd love to spin a yarn about this amazing condiment, how it was invented by accident, when stampeding buffalo kicked over bottles of ketchup, mustard and barbecue sauce, and all happened to land in the same pot of beans cooking slowly over a campfire.

The truth is that it was invented not in some home on the range, but in a small kitchen here in Rhode Island, by chef Linda Kane of Sauce on the Side. Linda's idea -- brilliant! -- was to take everything you'd want to put on a burger, and combine it into a single condiment.

Indispensable though a pantry full of condiments might be, The Perfect Pantry only has room for items used as ingredients. Cowboy Ketchup, which contains tomato, mustard seed, Worcestershire sauce, molasses, lime, garlic and more, turns out to be a great addition to meatloaf and chili, and other recipes that might call for the flavors of smoke, sweetness, and tomato. It's delicious in split pea soup, too.

The original formulation of this sauce contained high fructose corn syrup, but Sauce on the Side has worked with its co-packer to reformulate their product, which this spring will appear on store shelves without the dreaded HFCS. With no trans fats, Cowboy Ketchup has only 20 calories and five carbs per tablespoon, slightly more than plain ketchup -- but nobody would call this plain.

Available in supermarkets and specialty stores throughout Rhode Island, Cowboy Ketchup can be yours by ordering directly from the web site, or from Only in Rhode Island, which carries a whole range of foods created right here in the Ocean State.


Southwestern spicy pulled pork

A great recipe, adapted ever so slightly from the Sauce on the Side web site, for sandwiches or a main dish with rice and cornbread. Serves 10.


2 lbs pork shoulder roast
1 bottle Cowboy Ketchup
Kosher salt and fresh-ground black pepper, to taste
Rhode Island Red Hot Sauce, hot or mild, or other Tabasco-type hot sauce, to taste (optional)


Place the meat in a slow cooker, and add remaining ingredients. Cover, and cook on low for 10 hours. Shred meat and remove fat.

Serve the shredded pork on a sandwich, topped with shredded cheddar cheese and cole slaw, with extra Cowboy Ketchup on the side.

[Printer-friendly recipe.]

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I always love the several different types of sauces you get in the US. Also a bit envious. In 2006 I was in the States visiting my brother who at the time lived in Missouri and he introduced me to a lovely BBQ sauce. I brought 2 bottles back and then contacted the producers asking them if they would ship to Germany if we ordered a few bottles. Unfortunately they did not. So the taste is now only a distant memory. So, I can almost taste the mix of this ketchup too. We are real suckers for good sauces at our home!

Oh wow what an interesting ingredient!

oh, no, no, please, this is a sign. all yesterday I was thinking I don´t really need but actually quite want a slow cooker, and now this! do you recommend it as much as the rice cooker?

I will be on the lookout for this, my husband would love it.

Oh, don't tempt me with this. It's already enough to make me crave for BBQ ribs, pulled pork....

Sounds like Cowboy Ketchup has got a taste bigger than the Oklahoma prairie. You will probably cause a stampede to Rhode Island, or at least the website!

I have such a weakness for pulled pork, not to mention ketchup. And this has my name written all over it.

I have never known exactly what cowboy ketchup is - what a great invention! I would love it!!!

Lydia, the ketchup sounds great; I'm going to have to look for it. But I have to say that there's only one way in my book to make pulled pork, and a slow roaster can't hack it. :) If there's no wood involved, it's just not pulled pork to me. (though I will say, if someone had this when I came over, I'd probably eat it and enjoy it).

Yee-haw! I never even knew there was a Cowboy Museum, *sigh*, but you're right-combining all the ingredients into a condiment is brillliant!! And good that the reformulated version has no HFCS. Sounds wonderful.

Never heard of it but sounds like a tasty sauce, and definitely something that would yield a tasty sandwich (makes me wish I had some pulled pork right about now...).

I LOVE the label on this Cowboy Ketchup! It's so much fun. What's he going to reach for first, the tomato or the lime? (It is a tomato, isn't it?)

I don't know if Meeta of What's For Lunch Honey will read this comment, but if you happen to... do you perchance remember what the name of the BBQ sauce you inquired about was? I live in Kansas City. Perhaps I could find a bottle and ship it to you (although I've never shipped anything to Germany before. Do they let people ship food?) Just a thought...

To everyone: I'm happy to send a bottle to any reader who'd like one.

Meeta, I always feel the same way when I'm traveling in Europe -- you have the most interesting condiments!

Amy, it really is good on a burger, too.

Lobstersquad, honestly, I don't use my slow cooker too often -- yet -- I'm still learning what it can do. In a kitchen with limited counter space, I'd always rather have a rice cooker.

Peabody, see above -- I'm happy to send some.

Tigerfish, same here!

TW, I hope that if there is a stampede to Rhode Island, you'll join in the fun. We seem to have an inordinate number of great condiments in this little state. How about a taste test?

Veron, I'm not a pork eater, but I've used Cowboy Ketchup with pulled chicken, and it's great.

Gretchen, those cowboys sure seem to know a thing or two about good food!

Curt, somehow I knew I'd hear from you about this one -- of course I hope you'll test out this sauce and come up with some new uses -- the "real" barbecue way!

Rebecca, I never knew about the museum either, until we did a cross-country trip a few years ago. I had no idea it would be as much fun as it was -- a truly terrific museum.

Mike, this is a great sauce for slathering, of course, but it's a wonderful ingredient that adds lots of depth of flavor as it cooks, too.

Cork & Feast, I love the label, too -- he's such a huggable cowboy! I'm sure Meeta will love to connect with you -- and yes, you certainly can send food abroad. Many vendors don't like to do it because of the extra cost and paperwork involved, but the post office will be quite helpful.

Oh Lydia - this sounds so perfect! I can imagine it dressing up some pulled pork. But split pea soup? Wow! That's an interesting stretch!

I can't imagine what would posses me to go to Oklahoma City, but if I ever do, I promise you I'll visit that museum!

I love that idea!!!!! It must be the perfect condiment!
There's a difference between a lasso and a lariat?!?!? Oooops!

thanks. I made a beautiful beef stew yesterday, in the oven, and it makes much better sense. I don´t have room for new wooden spoons, really, so this would be just silly.
I´ll have to mix some home made cowboy ketchup, though, and see how it goes, you´ve intrigued me!

Love the sound of the sauce. We go to a restaurant called Bodean's to eat pulled pork. I wonder what the UK equivalent would be...

Toni, on a cross-country trip a few years ago, we were heading east through Amarillo (Cadillac Ranch) and thought we'd stop in OK City to see the memorial (which we did, and it was stunning); the cowboy museum wasn't our primary destination, but we were so glad we did go. I wish we'd had more time to explore the area.

Katie, I think there's a difference.....but I'm not really sure....

Lobstersquad, some day we'll all have to post about our favorite piece of kitchen equipment.

Mallika, whatever the UK equivalent is, it would have to have HP in it!

What a nice twist on ketchup, Lydia!

haha that would be quite a silly story abt the bull. But how thoughtful of the lady to put all the burger condiments into one bottle. Like your review on the product .

I've heard about pulled pork and thought it involved smoke and fire. Your receipt sounds much easier. I'll definitely try making your pulled pork if I can get Cowboy ketchup in Vancouver, BC.

I haven't seen this brand before! I like the cowboy on it. Who knew that a cowboy condiment could be invented in Rhode Island. Thanks to Linda! And you say that you would send a bottle to any reader who wants one? Then I am shamelessly asking for one ;)

I forgot to tell you that you have been tagged for a Meme.
Have a nice weekend!

I'm in love with this (and I do like cowboys too- winkwink). Your recipe sounds so delicious it is pulling me off my bean track and wanting or should that be hankering to buy a slow cooker, rump roast, & cowboy ketchup.

This is so cool, Lydia. It would make a good souvenir. I've been known to lug home lots of interesting food products as souvenirs for family & friends.

have a nice weekend,


Oh Lydia , wish we saw your post before we posted our newest one on our "Asian Ketchup" . Maybe we'll do do a ketchup contest later : Cowboy or Asian? Wonder which one Todd would vote for? Hmmmm.....

I'd buy it just for the bottle.

Patricia, it's smoky and perky -- what's better than that?!

Kate, this has got to be the ultimate convenience food, eh? Everything in one.

KC, I'm always happy to send pantry items out to friends in need....

Warda, a bottle will happily be on its way to you.

Callipygia, this is really delicious in baked beans, too. It adds a nice smoky flavor.

Nora, these are the kinds of wonderful condiments I love to bring home from my travels. And, thanks to online ordering, if I find something I like, it's not impossible to get it again.

WORC, I love that idea -- a ketchup taste-off! I'm off to read your post right now.

Susan, same here. Isn't he a cute little cowboy?

Just discovered your site while looking around for others that have done pulled pork. I just smoked some in my weber and finished them in the oven and had a great time. They came out smoky tender. I really like your site and the pictures. I'm going to have to pick up the Cowboy Ketchup!

If you have a minute would love for you to come take a look and give me your opinion.

Really appreciate it... I will be back!

Wow this looks amazing, thanks for sharing this. gonna give this a go.

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