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Introducing "Other People's Pantries"

Updated March 2012.


Ted built this spice rack to hold many of my everyday herbs and spices.

I have another "holding area" in the cellar, for things I use less frequently (yes, I'll show you that, too). And I keep larger quantities of some herbs and spices in the freezer. If my pantry were really perfect, the spice rack would be the length of a supermarket aisle, and everything would be stored at the eye level of a five-foot-two woman. No reaching, no bending.

Our log house kitchen features bumpy walls inside and out. Ted rummaged around in the barn and found an old wooden door, part of which became this spice rack, custom sized (28 inches wide, 22 inches tall) to hold my assortment of old and new jars and tins. The best part is that it looks like it's been there forever.


I've shown you mine. Now, you show me yours.

Show me your pantry: cupboard, shelves, closet or cellar. Or your spice rack. Spice box. Spice cabinet. Or the corner where you've stacked boxes of pasta or cans of tomatoes.

Show me, and I'll show everyone else, because -- admit it -- we're all curious about Other People's Pantries.

Send (to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com):

  • up to 5 photos of your pantry (all or part), along with
  • your first name,
  • city or state or country where you live, and
  • if you're a blogger, your blog name and URL.

If you want to write something about your photos, please do -- but it's not required. If you've already blogged about your pantry, be sure to include a link to your post.

Photos should be JPGs, ideally 460 pixels wide --and if what I just wrote is gibberish to you, don't worry; just send the largest size photos you have, and I'll make it work.

On Saturdays, I'll post the photos, one each weekend in the order in which I receive them (alternating with Market to Pantry), along with your first name, and, if you're a blogger, a link to your blog.

Send everything to lydia AT ninecooks DOT com.

Come on -- snap a photo or two. Give us a peek inside your pantry.

[UPDATE: As of March 1, 2012, this feature has ended.]

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Lydia, you always come up with the greatest ideas. I'm looking forward to "peeking" into everyone's pantry.

Ah! A few of the famed wooden spoons.

I look forward to doing this! It will have to be when I get back from the next trip. What fun to see everyone's pantry's!

What a fun idea, Lydia!

Paz, Pauline, Laura, Gretchen, Michelle: Show me, show me -- would love to see your pantries!

That space looks so warm, inviting and inspiring! Your collection of wooden spoons is incredible, and I love the stone mortar (?) in the bottom right.
Send you a picture of my pantry right now :)

My "pantry" is such an embarassment since I moved into my new place. It's not so much a pantry as it is random things placed in random places all over the kitchen.

What a fun idea! It's good to see that your definiton of "pantry" is fairly broad... living in a New York city apartment means that my "pantry" is scattered across cupboards, shelves and in spice racks. I may have to go and take a photo!

Great idea! Your spice and knife nook is inspiring and I expect to enjoy more from others. I'll pass -- I have a real, if small, pantry (with a door and a light and neat spice built-ins, but in its current state it's a death trap, suffering from the too-many-condiments syndrome.

Nupur, the stone mortar (a three-headed Mexican molcajete that I brought home from the market in Guadalajara) is my pride and joy. And for some reason it makes the world's very best guacamole!

Brilynn, I don't think of "pantry" as a place -- at least not a confined place. So go on, send us a photo....

Ann, I'd love to take a peek. And my pantry is the same -- a rack here, a shelf there, a pile in the cellar....

Susan, show us your condiments -- and I'll show you mine. I'd love to see what a real pantry looks like!

I think I might have a picture and a post from the past. I'm traveling but as soon as I'm home I'll send you something if I can find it here.
Lydia, I LOVE that pantry and the warm kitchen that surrounds it! That is a pantry of dream!

Oh...I am scared! I gotta clean before even entertaining the idea of this event! A reason to straighten up...hmmm...:)

I've been thinking about doing this for my pantry. It's a fabulous idea!

Sounds like fun, we'll be submitting soon!

This sounds really fun. I will take a picture of my "pantry" this weekend and send it to you. Hehe.

MyKitchen, looking forward to sharing your pantry photos with everyone in a few weeks!

Chris, no no, come as you are!

Amy, hope you'll share with us.

White On Rice, Rasa Malaysia: oooh, I can't wait to see your pantries -- you are all such amazing cooks!

your collection of wooden spoons is superb.I saw the mortar...where did you get it?

Nasihah, I bought the mortar (called a molcajete) in Guadalajara, Mexico, in the central market. I'd never seen a molcajete quite like this -- it has three animal heads (cow, pig, lamb). It's quite large, really, and was a bit of a challenge to carry home on the plane!

Hi Lydia, referred here by Tanna, love the idea, I did something similar a while ago and I loved to peek inside other peoples pantries! Will come back for sure!


I am currently away from Jamaica so when I return, I will send a picture of what my pantry looks like. Yours Lydia is great!!!

What a fun event... might give me an excuse to clean mine out a bit :)

Baking Soda, June, Kristen: c'mon, show us what you've got!

Fun! I'll join in as soon as I possibly can.

Fabulous idea I will join in soon.

Susan, George: Looking forward to peeking into your pantries!

yeah, right i'm curious too of other people's pantries...

btw, we have the same name just different spell...

Oooh, I'm joining -- after we move next week. Nice, nice idea, Lydia.

This is a great idea and I am going to try and snap pictures of my pantry (which is quite large)
I'm also going to try and explain why a single person would and should have a large pantry

*sobs* I finally managed to get to the first one. Let the jealousy begin!

Fun idea...might get me to tidy up my pantry at long last! hahaha.
I have time off next week, so watch your inbox...hopefully I'll be joining the long list!

I enjoy this series very much. I am in the process of decorating and fitting out our new property, and I do get inspiration from here, not to mention all the amazing recipes.
I will be happy to send in pictures of my new kitchen and pantry when I move in , in early 2011.
Great site!

I love this!!! I am your newest follower! I will be sending my pantry in soon... I love your blog! Keep up the great job!

I loved the lady from Israel's pantry - it works for her - and I can tell she loves to cook! FUN! Thanks for this cool idea!

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