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Worcestershire sauce (Recipe: curry dip)


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That dip sounds fantastic! I had no idea that anchovies were involved, but I guess that adds the wonderful salty "pucker" quality that tastes so good. And the Bloody Mary combination is a bloody good match!

The dip sounds wonderful - I'm going to go make it right now. (And for the vegetarians among us, I finally found a veggie version: Annie's Naturals Organic Worcestershire Sauce!)

oh I love your dip's recipe!!! I have company tomorrow, can't wait to try!

Would you believe I've never bought Worcestershire sauce? I'd be happy to try your dip for my next get-together though!

TW, the dip is great, and oh-so-easy. Great with pita wedges or celery stalks.

Patti, I'm so glad to know about vegetarian worcestershire! Maybe we can compare the list of ingredients and figure out what the "secret" is to Lea & Perrins.

Gattina, do try and let me know if you like it!

Susan, I'm definitely surprised! Worcestershire was always on my mother's spice rack, probably because of the Bloody Marys she would make for bridge parties in the 1950s. So, like Old Bay, it's something I always expect to have around in my kitchen, too.

Oh I use that sauce in my dishes too. With steak it's fairly good too! :)

Hi Lydia! This sounds like a nice and tasty dip, maybe a keeper in the fridge for company. I really like Worcestershire and use it in burgers, just like it says on the label. I mix it in before cooking, adds a lot of taste and keeps it moist. Just in time for summer grilling!

I am making lentil soup this morning and always us a tablespoon or two of Wooostershire sauce. I think it adds depth.

I am making lentil soup this morning and always us a tablespoon or two of Wooostershire sauce. I think it adds depth.

Love my L&P! There is something so mysterious about the whole unwrapping of the box and paper that makes it seem exotic (wonder what all that packaging adds to the cost?) Inmy early cooking days I used to put Worcestershire sauce in practically everything except dessert. It ALWAYS helped.

Hi Everyone! If you don't know, Lydia has been in the hospital since last weekend for an emergency appendectomy. I am sure that any well wishes from her blogging community will help to lift her spirits!

$6,000? As a taxpayer I'm outraged! I love Worcestershire sauce, it's a superb secret weapon that can catapult a dish from the mundane to the sublime. And I haven't thought of curry dip in years! My grandmother used to always make it as it was the only way she could get me to eat raw vegetables. Thank you for the memories.

And dear Lydia, I had no idea you were in the hospital--please, feel better and get well soon!!!! You're in my thoughts.

Valentina, I've never developed a taste for straight Worcestershire, but I love it mixed with other flavors.

Pam, you are the grill queen!

Mary, I always throw a plop into lentil soup, too.

Chrstine, whoever thought of that exotic packaging was a genius -- it adds such drama to a simple sauce!

Lisa, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry when I read that. The curry dip is one of those dishes like chicken marbella; it goes in and out of fasion, but it's always good when you get back to it.

Thanks -- I am over the worst and looking forward to being back with you all soon.

Where can I get a copy of the manual? I've been so confused for years over the lengthy process and deliberations necessary to purchase this. And is it a condiment or a sauce? Do we need to commission a more current study? 25 years is pretty out-of date. I'm worried.

After my inagural trip to New Orleans, Worcestershire = barbeque shrimp. Loads of butter, pepper, lemon - pure heaven at Mr Bs! Lyd, I'll loan you the cookbook - or make it for you - when you're up for it. hope you're feeling better. (Emeril's has a great version, too - but Mr Bs was our first love)

lydia - the veggie version has the following ingredients: water, apple cider vinegar, molasses, soy sauce, sugar, tamarind, sea salt, chicory root extract, cornstarch, xanthan gum, clove powder, garlic powder, shallot powder, chili powder....

Katie, I agree. We're not dealing all that well with issues of war and peace and humanity and even creating a sustainable food supply; perhaps we'll do better legislating how to grocery shop!

Shawn, you're on. I'm never too sick for BBQ shrimp!

Patti, that sounds really delicious, doesn't it?

That was great free advice. My stepdad, who was from the country always jokingly called Worcestshire sauce "What's this here?" sauce because he never knew what went into it!

I add Worcestershire sauce to my Shepherd's Pie, but it has to be the vegetarian version! It was something my mum passed on to me!

Deborah, I love that -- "what's this here?"!

Holler, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. I'm definitely going to try the veggie version now that several readers have mentioned it. Won't be the same as unwrapping that orange box of Lea & Perrins, but I'm curious about how the taste compares.

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