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Bottled salad dressing (Recipe: hot roasted veggies)


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That does sound good - and all of those lovely salad dressings.
When we lived in the U.S. I always used them for marinades as well. I actually saw 2, count'em, 2 bottles of 'salad cream' in the supermarket the other day.
Sometime I'll make a list of the differences in 'pantry staples', but the two I miss the most are salad dressings and dill pickles!
For a crowd you could use the shrimp AND chicken and have a couscous-paella!

I'm buying a bottle of Newmans tomorrow. I'm not sure what varieties we get here, but I can remember seeing his face on a bottle!


I use Newman's Own dressing as a marinade too! I first learned about using it in a recipe for a chicken marinade that combined Newman's Olive Oil and Vinegar dressing and a packet (dry powder) of Zesty Italian dressing mix. It's really quite delicious, especially for people who want something that tastes good but who don't like to fuss around with their food.

I've heard other people talk about Annie's Green Goddess dressing, but I haven't tried any of her products.

I admit I am not big on salad so there is no bottle salad dressing in my pantry unless I have a party on. I think we have the Newmans range here, too. I will give it a try next time.

Mr Newman does reside in my fridge as well and my favorite at the moment is the ginger sesame something or other and I use is on a lot on things yes including marinade.

Katie, wouldn't it be fun to compare pantry staples? Sometimes the same thing but different names, and other times completely different stuff. I've done the shrimp and chicken version sometimes -- especially when I find a bit of each stashed away in the freezer.

Kelly-Jane, I confess that there's more than one Paul Newman in my fridge. He's so darned cute!

Kalyn, that chicken marinade sounds great. Annie's is an easy-to-find product line here on the east coast.

Anh, I'm guessing there is something similar to salad dressing in your market that would work for this recipe. I like the Newman's Own because it's all natural.

Doodles, that ginger sesame flavor is great. I've used it to marinate shrimp and fish.

My husband uses Newmans Raspberry dressing for his ribs and I long ago learned the values of a good stash of dressings for marinades.

The Italian market in my town has some house dressings that are wonderful.

Lydia, I love your roasted veggies accomplanied with the couscous. It sounds utterly tasty & healthy.
Indeed, already prepared salad dressings are life saviours ;)

you have a great collectiono of salad dressing!
My salad dressing is only for marinating meat (as I don't eat salad), yes, the job is a breeze :D

You are like the 007, my dear - what a great strategy to make marinating easier and faster!

I usually go with the home made xvoo/red wine or balsamic vinegar jig...but this recipe sounds great, and, it must make a nice creamy sauce without all the efforts of having to do it! I'll surley give it a try!

great recipe!
my wife teasingly calls me a 'salad snob' because i prefer to make my dressings from scratch but we always have a bottle of italian in the fridge - it's perfect for marinating chicken for the grill and an essential part of her killer cole slaw.

Mimi, raspberry and ribs sounds like an amazing combo. What time is dinner???

Valentina, this dish is beautiful for everyday or for entertaining. And nobody ever guesses how humble the origins of the "sauce".

Gattina, it's great that good-quality bottled dressing is getting easier to find now.

Patricia, this kind of marinating is almost too easy. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so I don't use these for salad, but for marinating they are perfect.

Pam, this recipe will work with your homemade marinade, too!

Shawn, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. I love to serve this dish to people who are great cooks, because they never guess what's in it. (although now you know, so I guess I won't be serving it to you!)

I don't keep bottled Italian around, but I do keep the packet kind (you know, the wishbone shaker kind...) for marinades. I also ALWAYS have at least two different varieties of ranch in the fridge. Mostly because I've never seen the recipe to make it myself. (lazy, I know)

Lydia how come you need to marinade the protein from the veggies separately. Is it just because of the time in the dressing? Definitely gutsy, but delicious.

I'm a life-long vegetarian. There's usually a few bottles of salad dressing in my fridge but the one that always gets used for stir fries, adding zest to wraps, in sandwiches, etc is Kraft Signature Sundried Tomato & Oregano. I just can't get enough of the stuff. I tried other brands and would prefer an organic version but this is the product that hits the spot for me.

Jerry, I'll find a ranch dressing recipe for you. Buttermilk is the foundation (and you can use powdered buttermilk), plus mayo, sugar, herbs....

Callipygia, I marinate meats and fish in the refrigerator (to prevent growth of bacteria), and veggies at room temperature, so I keep them separate until it's time to cook.

Leon, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. I'm not familiar with the Kraft dressing you mentioned, but I'll see if I can find it. The sundried tomato must be a lovely companion to all kinds of veggies.

The chef's secret ingredient, indeed! During barbecue season, I always use bottled dressing as an easy marinade before tossing flank steak on the grill. It always tastes great and everyone wants to know your secret!

TW, I'm delighted to find so many people who have the same secret ingredient as I do. Guess the cat's out of the bag now.

Link, for salad, there's nothing better than great EVOO and herbs from the garden. But for marinade, there's nothing faster than salad dressing -- it's just sooooo easy!

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