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A new Bookworm

Pauline, a Pantry reader from the very beginning, provided this week's Bookworm in the Pantry suggestions . A neighbor and participant in three Ninecooks cooking groups, she is retired and works part-time at our local library — the perfect place to discover new things to read.

UPDATE. Pauline recommended:

  • Take Big Bites
  • One More Day
  • Garlic and Sapphires
  • The $64 Tomato

We'll have a new Bookworm every Saturday, at least through the end of April.

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You know, I've often thought working at a library would be heaven on earth. So many books nearby! And if there is a coffee shop next door? Fughettaboutit.

Oh I enjoyed that book "The $64 Tomato." It will speak to anyone who has put ridiculous amounts of time/money into their garden only to end up with a paltry (but delicious) harvest. I try not to miss Friday at the library when I know Pauline will be there -- I almost always leave with 1) a great recipe, 2) a great idea for dinner, 3) a great book to read, 4) all of the above.

I agree with Jessica about the $64 Tomato AND Pauline! She always recommends wonderful cookbooks...and now this great list.

Garlic and Sapphires is hilarious. It did not grab me like "Comfort Me With Apples Did," but I loved it anyway. Was just looking at it today.

Love what you are doing here, Lydia.

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