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Balsamic vinegar (Recipe: strawberries in balsamic)


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LOVE the bottle and label! So pretty.

I bet its wonderful! Me and my pocket book will stick with TJ's for now, though!

Never seen it or tried it, but I'll keep my eyes open for it. I like Fini brand, but now I'm wondering if it's a true balsamic. Whether it is or not, it tastes pretty good.

Yes, I love stores where you can taste. Haven't head of this one but I like to try it.

Stefanie, thanks!

Catherine, Trader Joe's always has a place in my pantry. The consistent high quality of their products, and the low prices, are amazing. The closest one to me is more than an hour away, though.

Kalyn, I've used the Fini brand, too. I believe it's a condiment, not a tradizionale, but the taste is great.

Tanna, you can order from Salumeria Italiana by mail (as I do). Worth a splurge to try this vinegar at least once!

The bottles and labels of vinegar and olive oil are so beautiful and so diverse that collecting them is rapidly becoming my hobby.

It's also cluttering up my kitchen, but oh, what lovely clutter!

The strawberries sound delicious! And my wife just got me a lovely new bottle of balsamic vinegar, the name of which escapes me right now. I like tempering the sweetness of fruit with something unexpected. One nice little fruit salad [which can double as a salsa on grilled or pan-seared fish or chops] is sliced strawberries and bite-sized chunks of mango, tossed with some chopped chives. The chives play against the sweet fruit flavors to create complexity and an outdoorsy wildness.

thanks for the tip on this balsamic. I'm always looking for a good one. I just bought one from Olivetto , aged 30 years. Have not opened it yet but it is real thick...

Mimi, I know exactly what you mean, as I often get seduced by beautiful labels....but really, as you know, the fun is in the tasting!

Terry, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. I love combining fruit and vinegar. I'll remember your fruit-and-chive salsa in the spring, as the chives are the first to appear in my herb garden.

Veron, you are a lucky girl! Thirty-year balsamico. You must report to us after you've opened it. I can only imagine....

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