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Crushed garlic in a jar (Recipe: moqueca a baiana)


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More scandal I guess; I always have this in the fridge too.

I always have it on hand too because Indian cooking often calls for garlic paste.

Here in Korea, it is commonplace to have a plastic tub of freshly minced garlic in the fridge. You can buy whole peeled cloves, but trying to come across a whole bulb of unpeeled garlic is impossible! At first I was quite snobby about it, but now I’m sold it makes cooking so easy just to scoop out a healthy spoonful and plop it into whatever I’m cooking.

I just scored halibut caught in Alaska by a friend and am going to try MOQUECA A BAIANA with halibut. I've never made anything like this and yes, I am going to used crushed (shhhh) garlic !! Sounds like aperfect recipe for halibut.

My #1 Cooking Group is doing Korean cooking next week, and when I was copying the recipes this morning I noticed that one of them calls for crushed garlic. I feel vindicated!

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