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Vanilla extract (Recipe: ice cream chocolate chip cookies)


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If I had chocolate ice cream in the freezer, I'd be having chocolate chip cookies for breakfast this morning!

To me at least, the "rich and pronounced" taste of Tahitian Vanilla is a cherry undertone. What do others think?

Martin -- so interesting, and as always, I'm grateful for the wonderful foods you bring back from your world travels. We couldn't really pinpoint the flavor at our chocolate and vanilla tasting. I've never been to Tahiti, so I have to ask: do cherries grow there?

Ah, the warm taste of pure vanilla extract can't be beat when it comes to baked goods. But did you know that vanilla extract is also wonderful straight from the bottle sprinkled over fresh fruit? Try placing a little over fresh pineapple slices, melon or even bananas for a true taste of the islands. A truly aged vanilla, if you can find it,isn't harsh with that familiar alcohol bite and is creamier and thicker than what you find on store shelves. No need to add sugar to some of your favorite foods, just sprinkle some fresh vanilla extract over it and enjoy.

Steve, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. Where do you find this luscious thick vanilla extract? The closest I've found is from a little store in West Stockbridge, Mass., called Baldwin's Hardware (they're online at http://www.baldwinextracts.com/). Their extract actually won a taste test in two of my cooking classes!

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