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Dijon mustard (Recipe: French potato salad)


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Hi Lydia! This sounds like something I would really like to eat. I love the mustard and eat it on a lot of sandwhiches, especially ham. I sometimes add a teaspoon or so to my fritatta's (nice when added with the cheese & ham fritatta).

Happy fall!

Dijan Mustard is the secret to a great Quiche I make. Coat the pie shell with mustard for great flavor, and to protect the shell from becoming saturated with the egg mixture. Do not use cream (only milk) and cut the cheese to 1/2 cup, and you have a healthy version of Quiche. I lome mushroom and leeks, sauteed before adding to the dish.

Panic attack at in my kitchen last night - completely out of dijon mustard! Jars and jars of spicy brown mustard, hot asian mustard, classic yellow mustard, even some wacky cranberry mustard (ick) but not a speck of dijon. I am addicted to a lemon dijon dressing (see above recipe but swap fresh lemon juice for the vinagar and add a pinch of sugar...) so I scrapped the whole salad idea and cooked broccoli and carrots instead.

Hi..I've been to Dijon and have a collection of mustards to continue my taste adventures. Has anyone found Amora brand Dijon mustard here???Help!!!It's the best and I can't go to France to get it.

hello. i would just like to know the ratio of honey to mustard in honey mustard. can you let me know please?

Sharon, it's impossible to give you a definitive answer; each formulation will be different, and the point of the honey is to balance the heat of the mustard without leaving the mustard too sweet or gloppy. If you're starting with hot English mustard, like Colman's, you'll want more honey; but honey dijon doesn't need as much sweetness to achieve a good balance. When buying commercial honey mustard, make sure honey is not the first ingredient listed. Hope this helps...

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