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Tomato paste (Recipe: my own meat sauce)


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I've never heard of this tomato paste ... will have to check it out!

I have yet to find tomato paste in a tube here in Canada! Though I haven't searched high and low for it, just in the major supermarkets. I think it's a great way to store it. So far I've only ever bought it in mini cans and I often end up throwing away whatever I didn't use.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll have to get into the tomato paste exporting business! I used to be the queen of little bits of tomato paste in the freezer. I first saw these tubes in an Italian market, but now they're in the Italian food aisle of my regular grocery store.

I just purchased this exact tube at the co-op yesterday, with no idea what I was going to use it for - must have been kismet.

I win the title of "tube paste queen". I now have tomato, garlic, anchovy, olive, onion and the latest wasabi paste. They're great when you need just a touch of additional flavor. "Best thing since sliced bread".

Jae Ran, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. I believe in kismet.....

Glad to discover your blog, too:

What stores carry the tube of tomato paste? Brand Name? Have been looking for it.

Linda, Amore brand is available in my local Stop & Shop, but it's also available on amazon.com (click on the shopping chef in the right-hand column here, and then go to the food category). That's the most common supermarket brand. The great thing about the tubes is that you can use just the little bit you need, and the rest will keep for months in the fridge.

I used to be able to find onion paste in my local grocery store, but I think they stopped carrying it. Does anybody know of anyplace to find it? I have been looking online, but I have not had any luck.

I'm looking in the Orlando/Kissimmee, Fl. area. I've been through all the major grocery stores. There are no tubes of tomato paste to be found. Nobody knows what I'm talking about.

Donna, I'm surprised that the larger grocery stores don't have this -- even in my small Rhode Island town, the markets all carry tomato paste in a tube in the aisle with canned tomato products. However, you can order this tomato paste on Amazon if you can't find it in a gourmet market. Here's an idea: why not print this page and take the photo with you to the store? Ask the manager of your local market to order it for you. Good luck with your search!

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