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Sherbet/sorbet (Recipe: lemons stuffed with sherbet)


It's too darn hot
It's too darn hot
I like to sup with my baby tonight
Refill the cup with my baby tonight
But I ain't up to my baby tonight
'cause it's too darn hot

(Excerpted from Cole Porter's hit song from the 1948 Broadway show, Kiss Me Kate.)

Lately, it's been too darn hot to cook.

Thank goodness for a well-stocked pantry! Last weekend, friends were coming for dinner, and I needed to create a dessert. I could have offered everybody one of the sugar-free ice pops to which I'm hopelessly addicted, but, even on the hottest days, I can summon the energy to make something a bit more glamorous, which is why there's always good quality sherbet or sorbet in my freezer.   

Sherbet and sorbet share an etymology; both derive from the Turkish word serbat, which means "drink." What they don't share is milk — sherbet has it and sorbet doesn't, which makes sorbet a good vegan alternative. By law, sherbet must have between 1% and 2% milkfat; if the fat content is higher, it must be sold as ice cream; if no milk, it's called sorbet. Because it contains milk, sherbet freezes and melts more slowly than sorbet, but otherwise usually is interchangeable in recipes.

Our current favorite freezer staple — and I can't, by law, call it either sherbet or sorbet — is a local product. Gaga SherBetter, sold all along the East Coast, is too creamy to be called sherbet, and not "fat" enough to be called ice cream.

Sometimes, when it's too darn hot, I toss a large dollop of Gaga on top of fresh fruit salad, stick a mint leaf in the top, and call it a day. When I have time, and company coming, I like to make Gaga-stuffed lemons or oranges.

In Australia, a sherbet is a beer. So, whether you drink it or eat it with a spoon, bring on that cold sherbet, 'cause it's too darn hot.

Lemons stuffed with sherbet

Easy and elegant, and you can vary the recipe by mixing in fresh blueberries. Or, do this with oranges and orange sherbet. Or use half lemon or orange sherbet, and half chocolate sorbet. You get the idea. Make one per person. This recipe serves 4.


4 lemons
1 pint Gaga Lemon SherBetter, or sherbet or sorbet of your choice
4 sprigs of fresh mint, for garnish


Slice a small bit off one end of the lemon, to leave a hole large enough for a spoon to fit in. With a paring knife, trim the opposite end just so the lemon will stand up. Hollow out the inside of the lemon. Fill with sherbet or sorbet. Return it to the freezer for at least an hour, or until ready to serve. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.

[Printer-friendly recipe.]

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Well, Lydia, this sounds very refreshing! I also remember your Ted mentioning this brand at a class recently. I hope Stop & Shop sells it..? I could use a dose of it soon!


This also works well with oranges and limes with lemon Gaga. We've also made oranges with half orange Gaga and half chocolate Gaga. Yum!

Pam, the Gaga is available locally at Dino's, Whole Foods, IGA and Dave's. You can check their web site (www.gogagas.com) for more retailers. Enjoy!

The great news is that Gaga is now available in Boston at Foodies Market in the South End (on Washington Street directly across from the Cathedral). This wonderful product is worth a field trip!

My favorite is to pile small lemon, orange, raspberry balls in dish. They look beautiful and mixture tastes great.

FYI: munroe dairy carries Gaga's lemon:)

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