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Black olives (Recipe: vinegar veggies)

Vegan vinegar veggies with black olives, on The Perfect Pantry.

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Oh, black olives in a can! I have fond, fond memories of putting them on my fingers before eating them.

I am all olives all the time~ I eat some most days in a salad. This 4th of July, I slow cooked a pork roast on the smoker that was stuffed with black olives, sausage spinach and cheese. Talk about a fabulous roast and showy, too~ We wrapped the roast in bacon and tied it up so it wouldn't get dried out. We bought a 4-5 lb pork tenderloin and butterflied it. Then, stuffed it and slow cooked it for a few hours. The presentation was a WOW factor. It wasn't too difficult to do either.

Here is a crunchy summer salad..

1 red bell pepper, cut chuncky
1 green bell pepper, cut chuncky
1 small onion of choice, cut thin
3 tomatoes of choice, cut in chunks
1/2 can of black olives
1 cucumber, sliced
quartered artichokes, if desired
your favorite Italian salad dressing (I enjoy a balsamic and evoo dressing)
some oregano, basil, garlic salt and fresh ground black pepper
some chunks of cheese and/or pepperoni

Just cut up everything and put it in a bowl..add the dressing and let it marinade at room temperature. Eat with a slice of Italian bread grilled. This has lots of crunch and is really just a salad without the lettuce~


There's no end to including black olives in a recipe. Most savory recipes can be enhanced by using these black gems. I love crunchy salads and I'm going to try Pamela's.

I think serving olives as an appetizer for your family dinner adds such a nice touch. A friend of mine suggested that I check out http://www.lindsayolives.com They offer a huge selection of many olives and also they suggest so many great recipes.

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