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Stews and chili

Beef, ale and onion stew

Beef and green chile stew

Beef stew

Butternut squash and chickpea stew

Caribbean chicken curry with butternut squash and red bell pepper

Chickenless chicken chili

Chicken with chiles and peanut sauce (slow cooker)

Chicken with preserved lemon and olives

Chicken basquaise with piperade

Clean The Freezer Chili

Egg curry

Ethiopian chicken in red pepper sauce

Floribean chicken chili

Football season chili

French-style beef stew with onions, mushrooms and peas

Gumbo ya-ya

Jamaican "run down" (fish stew with tomatoes, peppers and coconut milk)


Lamb tagine with garlic, honey and raisins

Lamb tagine with prunes and apricots

Lentils with spinach and preserved lemon

Mole colorado

Moqueca (Brazilian fish stew)

Moroccan beef stew/tagine with apricots and onions

Mussel stew

President Obama's chili

Pueblo vegetable stew

Pumpkin stew

Punjab five jewels


Red curry tofu with spinach and mushrooms

Root vegetables-with-beef stew

Seafood stew with tomatoes, peppers, fennel and leeks

Shrimp etouffee

Slow cooker beef stew with potatoes, parsnips and rutabaga

Slow cooker beer-braised beef with kale

Slow cooker Caribbean pepper pot

Slow cooker chicken curry with sweet potatoes, tomato and raisins

Slow cooker chicken stew with onions, mushrooms, and at least 40 cloves of garlic

Slow cooker honey-Sriracha beef stew

Slow cooker lemon-garlic chicken and white bean stew

Slow cooker North African beef and rutabaga stew

Slow cooker ratatouille

Slow cooker shredded beef chili with beans

Slow cooker Sindhi beef curry

Slow cooker spicy pinto bean chili with corn and kale

Slow cooker Thai green curry chicken with broccoli and mushrooms

Slow cooker Thai red curry turkey

Slow cooker turkey, black bean and squash chili

Smoky turkey, black bean and corn chili

South End deep-root chili

Spicy Thai chicken curry

Spicy vegan zucchini and tomato stew with garlic and mint

Sweet potato and black bean stew

Tagine of lamb with apricots

Thai tofu and winter squash stew

Turkey and white bean chili

Turkey, black bean, and three-chile taco boats

Turkey-green chile chili

Turkey mole chili

Vaca atolada ("Cow stuck in the mud")

Vegan squash or pumpkin stew with chickpeas and carrots

West African chicken mafé (chicken stew in peanut sauce)

West African vegetable stew in peanut sauce

White chili

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