Sauces and condiments

Apple-blueberry chutney

Basil pesto

Beef, asparagus and scallions negimaki-style

Beer marinade

Chicken with mango barbecue sauce

Chive and parsley butter

Chipotle ranch dip or dressing

Crazy mixed-up red enchilada sauce

Creamy mushroom gravy (vegetarian)

Cuban shrimp in savory sauce

Grandma's applesauce

Greek lentil soup with red pepper and feta

Grilled tuna sandwiches with tartar sauce

Horseradish dip

Jalapeño nectarine salsa fresca

Lemon curd

Linguine with tomato-olive sauce

Mango, watermelon and tomato salsa fresca

Mock guac

Mole colorado

My own meat sauce

Nuoc cham

One-one-one spaghetti sauce

Orange-caper gremolata

Peach salsa

Peanut dipping sauce

Pear and pluot chutney with raisins and ginger

Raita (Indian yogurt and cucumber condiment)

Roast beef panini with caramelized onions and horseradish cheese sauce

Roasted butternut squash with smoked paprika yogurt sauce

Romesco sauce

Rotini with spicy meat sauce

Shakshuka (eggs in fiery tomato sauce)

Shrimp with romesco sauce

Slow cooker chai-spiced pear sauce

Slow cooker chunky marinara sauce with tomatoes, bell pepper and onions

Slow-roasted tomato pesto

Spicy Chinese peanut sauce

Spicy peanut sauce

Sugar-free slow cooker cranberry sauce

Sweet and spicy tomato jam

Sweet-salty-spicy sushi sauce

Tex-Mex salsa

Tex-Mex taco sauce

Turkey burgers with chipotle ketchup


Vegetable paella with garlic sauce