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August 20, 2011

Other People's Pantries #165

From Dana (The Art of Breakfast), in Portland, Maine:

Here's my pantry in the inn I manage (Pomegranate Inn in Portland) where space, although I have a good amount, is so important.

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August 13, 2011

Other People's Pantries #164

From Brenda (Meal Planning Magic), in Sugar Land, Texas:

We live in a smallish home in a suburb of Houston, but are lucky enough to have a decent size pantry compared to many other homes similar in size. Our kitchen was one main thing that sold us on the house, since having a large enough pantry was very important! One weekend, when I was away on a trip, my husband decided to surprise me by making custom shelves for the pantry.

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July 30, 2011

Other People's Pantries #163

From Alison, in suburban Chicago:

I really enjoy trying new spices, so the first pictures I did are of my spice cabinet. I don't have enough space in my kitchen, so this cabinet worked great. 

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July 23, 2011

Other People's Pantries #162

From Ximena (Lobstersquad), in Aberdeen, Scotland:

I have a tendency to overstock, but it comes in handy, since here in Scotland I either have to drive to a big well stocked supermarket or make do with the little one on the corner.

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July 9, 2011

Other People's Pantries #161

From Tony (Bearfort Lodge), in northern New Jersey:

I found you through Twitter while searching for information on pantries and canning. I just finished canning some rhubarb jam from my first rhubarb harvest of the year. Each year I can quite a bit of rhubarb, but with my pantry, which has limited space, chock full of daily items, I know I have to expand.

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