Ingredients in The Perfect Pantry

Items in the pantry today: 250

The inventory changes frequently, but here are the basic ingredients you'll always find in my pantry. On each list, you'll find items marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate the absolute essentials if you're just starting to build a pantry or have limited space.

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Spice rack
(dried herbs and spices, hot pepper sauces, salts, etc.)

Cupboards (dry goods, canned goods, pastas, beans, grains, etc.)

Freezer, refrigerator, garden, counter top (condiments, frozen meats and vegetables, onions and garlic, etc.)

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If you're just starting to build your pantry, or moving into a new kitchen with limited space (or a limited budget), here are the bare essentials you might want to buy:

How to stock your new apartment's pantry

If there are ingredients you have in your own pantry -- things you use over and over again -- that are missing from mine, please let me know. I'm always looking for my next favorite ingredient. And if you have a recipe for how to use it, please share that, too.