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September 28, 2008

Shagbark hickory nuts (Recipe: maple nut cookies)


Guest post and photos by Marcia in Rhode Island

Shiny chartreuse spheres, dropping in our woods, send the squirrels scrambling. 

Bucket in hand, I’ve joined the melee. We’re vying for the sweetest of all hickory nuts, the shagbark.

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August 31, 2008

Lavender, and a purple haze (Recipe: pork tenderloin with grilled lavender peaches) {gluten-free}

Please welcome Marcia, who with this post joins The Perfect Pantry as guest blogger. She lives up the road from me, in a lovely old house with several vegetable and flower gardens, surrounded by acres of woodland. Professionally, she's been a teacher, children's librarian, naturalist and goat farmer. An avid cook and baker, Marcia will share stories and recipes once a month or so.


Guest post and photos by Marcia in Rhode Island

Lavender is a frivolous yet ever-present staple in my pantry. Occasionally my garden yields a few tablespoons, just enough for lavender madeleines when I’m feeling peckish and reminiscent, but most of the time, I buy buds and flowers embalmed in plastic packets.   

Until today.
“Pick your own lavender and distill the color of our garden into your kitchen,” promised the ad that ran in our local paper a couple of weeks ago.

And I’d been waiting. Because I am sure you don’t pick lavender on just any day.

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August 12, 2008

Fresh herbs (Recipe: basil pesto)


For six months of every year, my pantry spills out the kitchen door, down the front steps, and into the herb garden.

Ted and I share the garden with rabbits, deer, bees, beetles, and the turtles who come uphill from the wetlands two houses away, every year in late May, to lay their eggs next to the chives and tarragon.

Fresh herbs -- really fresh, harvested in the minutes before I cook with them -- have spoiled me for life.

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July 24, 2008

Lemons, flamenco, and a summer sangria recipe


It's an upside-down summer day.

A thank-goodness-it's-almost-Friday day.

A tomorrow-is-my-friend-Cindy's-50th-birthday day.

So please, just for today, make the recipe first. Get it into the fridge. You'll have plenty of time to read all about the lemon and its many attributes while the sangria is chilling.

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June 29, 2008

Ginger (Recipe: Thai chicken curry)


Ten things I know about ginger (you'll be glad to know them, too):

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