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Aggression cookies

Amaretti cookies

Arrowroot cookies

Black and white cookies

Brown-butter saffron spice brownies

Brownie cupcakes

Cardamom-brown sugar snickerdoodles

Cardamom shortbread

Chocolate chip ice cream cookies

Chocolate, chocolate-chip brownies

Chocolate chunk brownies

Chocolate double ginger cupcakes

Chocolate Nutella nut cookies

Chocolate spice cookies (mostaccioli)

Cindy's cherry pistachio cookies

Cinnamon buttermilk muffins

Cinnamon chocolate crinkle cookies

Crispy oatmeal cookies (and ice cream sandwiches)

Colombian cocoa muffins (Sugar-free)

Drop In & Decorate royal icing

Drop In & Decorate sugar cookies

Espresso-nut cookies

Famous chocolate chip cookies

Fudge mocha brownies

Gingerbread cookies

Granola cookies

Gwendolen's scotch shortbread

Honey and lemon green tea cupcakes

Honey gingerbread cookies

Ice cream chocolate chip cookies

Lemon-currant biscotti

Lemon lavender cookies

Lemon thyme cornmeal cookies

Mexican chocolate "diablo" cupcakes

Mocha sugar cookies

Outrageous brownies

Pumpkin chocolate chip biscotti

Royal icing

Scotch shortbread

Shagbark maple cookies

Spice snap cookies

Sugar cookies

Sugar-free chocolate cupcakes

Sweet and salty peanut chocolate chunk cookies

Ted's very famous chocolate chip cookies

Toasted pinon shortbread cookies

White chocolate brownies

Whole wheat lemon lime yogurt cupcakes

Whole wheat walnut cocoa brownies

Whole wheat walnut-raisin biscotti