Artist credits

Over the years, I've worked with several wonderful designers whose design and illustrations have graced this blog. As it happens, they are all talented cooks, too. I would love to have all of them meet here at the log house, so I could cook with them. Jambalaya and brownies, I think. Please click the links to visit their sites and see the really fine work they create.

Ben Laramie designed the logo you see at the top of the page, our first-ever real logo for The Perfect Pantry. Ben graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, and works as an industrial designer for Chronicle Books.

Thanks to Spanish artist Ximena Maier, food blogger at Lobstersquad (and now an app developer) for the design of our previous pantry banner, and for helping to set the color palette.

Shawn Kenney, a fine artist whose designs for rock band T-shirts and album covers are legendary, designed the very first banner on The Perfect Pantry.

New York graphic novelist Nick Bertozzi has shared many illustrations in our sidebars over the years.