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May 10, 2015

Asparagus-a-rama! The Perfect Pantry's favorite asparagus recipes

The Perfect Pantry's picks for favorite asparagus dishes of the season. [ThePerfectPantry.com]

And we're off! At long last, asparagus season has come to New England, and there's no better time to freshen up your stash of recipes. In our house, the next six weeks mean all asparagus, all the time. Here are some of the dishes we'll be enjoying this year. For lots more ideas, please check out my Asparagus! board on Pinterest, where you'll find hundreds of recipes collected by more than 30 food blogging friends, and this list of 101 favorite asparagus recipes I compiled a few years ago.

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January 4, 2015

The Perfect Pantry's top 14 recipes of 2014

Gallo pinto (black beans and rice), a wonderful breakfast dish with scrambled eggs. One of The Perfect Pantry's Top 14 recipes of 2014.

It's always fun to reflect on the year, and highlight my favorite recipes from The Perfect Pantry. These are the 2014 recipes of which I am most proud, and if you missed any of them during the year, I hope you'll take a moment to check out the recipes now.

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January 1, 2015

Beat the Drum: How we can help end childhood hunger in America, and then we can do even more.

Every year since I began writing The Perfect Pantry in 2006, I've started the new year here with a plea to work harder to end childhood hunger in America. And every year, I'm sad to report that the number of children living with food insecurity -- not knowing where their next meal is coming from -- has risen.

16 million children. 1 out of every 5 kids in America.

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November 14, 2014

3 easy ways to save your favorite recipes (or, life after Ziplist)

If you've been using Ziplist to save recipes from The Perfect Pantry, and from other favorite blogs and websites, I'm sad to report that the company is closing on December 10, 2014. I just learned this and wanted to share with you as soon as possible, as they will no longer support the recipe box, shopping list, and recipe saving features after December 9.

I have removed the blue "Save Recipes to Ziplist" button from my recipe posts here, as well as the "Recipe Box" link at the top of the page.

How to preserve recipes currently in your Ziplist recipe box

First, download all of the recipes you've stored in your recipe box. You need to do this before December 10, and as it takes just a few minutes, why not do it this weekend? Here's how: http://get.ziplist.com/what-you-need-to-know/.

3 easy ways to save recipes 

Now, what's the best way to continue to save recipes (your own, and those you find on this blog and other sites)? Ziplist recommends you create a recipe box on Epicurious.com and transfer the recipes you've already saved. It's a great option, and it's free, especially if you already use the Epicurious site to search for new recipes.

I have three additional ideas for you.

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August 20, 2014

Favorite eggplant recipes from The Perfect Pantry {vegetarian, gluten-free}

"Poor little eggplants."

My husband Ted doesn't adore eggplant, so it's not often that I manage to incorporate it into dishes we both enjoy. At this time of year, when we're eating as much corn and tomatoes as we can -- and as much zucchini as we can stand -- it's easy to forget about eggplant, which is also at its peak right now. To make sure you don't pass over eggplant at the farm stand, here are a few of my favorite eggplant recipes, perfect for summer.

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