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The Pantry Quiz #98

Feta cheese.

Multiple Choice

We're a bit addicted to Greek salads, and we're making lots of them this summer with crisp vegetables, olives, and small bits of feta cheese. Feta is an aged cheese, like Cheddar, Parmigiano-Reggiano and Gouda. How long does feta need to age before it's firm and packed for sale in your local market?

A. Two days
B. Two weeks
C. Two months
D. Two years


Please leave your answer in the comments, and let us know whether you have this ingredient in your pantry.

[Last week's answer: Again, a bit tricky, if you tried counting days on the carton in the photo. According to the Food and Drug Administration, eggs that have been refrigerated will keep approximately 5 weeks from the packing date, regardless of the "best by" or "sell by" date marked.]

You can find many of the answers to The Pantry Quiz by using the search box at right, at the top of the page, to hunt for clues. Come back next Saturday for the answer to today's quiz question.

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Two is part of the answer....best swag - MONTHS.

Two months. I adore feta cheese. I always have it in my pantry, specially during summer.

I love to have it for dinner in very simple watermelon salad: watermelon, some crumbled feta, black olives (Kalamata one to keep it Greek, although I use 'Aragón' ones, which are very similar and delicious too) and your best olive oil (the fruitiest one you can get).

I have no idea but I'm going to guess 2 days, I can make it at home and use it pretty quickly. I wish I could get Narragansett feta in upstate NY - maybe a road trip to RI is in order!

I'm going to guess two months. I love it, but don't currently have any on hand.

Since this specific one is made with regular hormone free milk as opposed to goat or sheep milk, not long!
I buy my Feta in a Greek Market, Imported, as is my Greek Imported (yes, fruity flavor) Olive Oil.

I'm guessing two weeks - it doesn't taste very aged to me. I don't have any right now, and it's not a staple in my house - it's not a facorite of mine, and I only buy it when I want it for a specific dish.

Love Narragansett Creamery, by the way - they are very community-minded, and great to work for (my middle son worked there while he was in college, and loved it there).

I don't know but I could eat a greek salad every day ( and often do!)

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