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The Perfect Pantry's best vegetarian asparagus recipes

Best vegetarian asparagus recipes!

When daffodils bloom in the Spring (tra la), I know asparagus season isn't far behind. For the six weeks each year that our local farm sells it cut fresh from the field, I will eat asparagus every day, every way: cooked, raw, shaved, chopped, steamed, sautéed, stir-fried. It's been a few years since I posted a top-ten asparagus recipe round-up here. And it's been two years since I shared 101 favorite asparagus recipes from food bloggers. So, this year I offer you my best vegetarian (meatless) asparagus recipes. Many are gluten-free, too. Let the season begin.

Asparagus with Sriracha drizzle! #asparagus #vegetarian

Roasted asparagus with Sriracha drizzle just might be the spiciest, and the most exciting, way I've ever served asparagus.

Roasted asparagus hummus dip, from The Perfect Pantry. #asparagus #hummus

Try something new: roasted asparagus hummus, served with homemade pita chips.

Vegan brown rice salad with asparagus, avocado, pecans, and pesto dressing. #salad #vegan #asparagus

For a gluten-free main course salad, I love this vegan brown rice salad with asparagus, avocado, pecans, and pesto dressing.

Asparagus, egg and cheese casserole. #glutenfree #breakfast #asparagus

Asparagus and eggs go so well together. This asparagus, egg and cheese casserole is great for breakfast or brunch or supper, and it's gluten-free.

Asparagus and cheese tart, made with store-bought puff pastry. #asparagus

It takes only three ingredients to make this beautiful asparagus and cheese tart!

Asparagus, potato and herb soup (on Soup Chick). #asparagus #soup #vegetarian

Make this asparagus, potato and herb soup when local asparagus are at their peak. The soup gets added goodness from fennel and celery.

Roasted asparagus with manchego cheese. #asparagus #glutenfree

Here's another easy two-ingredient recipe that lets the asparagus shine: roasted asparagus with manchego cheese. Naturally gluten-free, of course.

Asparagus wonton wraps with hoisin, wasabi or mustard filling: a perfect appetizer! #asparagus

A perennial favorite, these asparagus wonton wraps with hoisin, wasabi or mustard filling never fail to impress. They're so easy to make, and even more fun to eat.

For more asparagus recipe ideas, check out my Asparagus! group board on Pinterest. If you'd like to pin your favorite asparagus recipes to that board, you're welcome to join us.

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Yay! These look amazing. Asparagus hasn't made it to the Philadelphia area yet, but I can't wait!

Judy, we're a few weeks away here, too, but I've given in to temptation and bought nice asparagus at the market.

Oh, yeah! I love both but would've never thought of adding Sriracha to asparagus! No fresh asparagus here yet, the grass is just starting to green. I like your blog!!

Pam, you'll be amazed at how good the Sriracha sauce is with the asparagus!

I have recently fallen in love with Asparagus.
Today's post is Perfect timing for me.

Love ya!


All look delish!! Can't wait to try the Sriracha Sauce!!! My favorite veggie!!

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