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Other People's Pantries #174

From Lisa, in Phoenix, Maryland:

I am so glad that I stumbled upon your site as I am a complete pantry looky-loo!  My pantry is actually a *bit* cleaner than it normally is because we just went through the ordeal of Hurricane Irene and power outages which forced us to eat some inventory (I tend to be a bit of a food hoarder) and unfortunately throw out a bunch of other food.

We moved into our house four years ago and what I am currently using as my pantry was originally a coat closet just off the kitchen. Before my husband unpacked any boxes, I had him building my shelves so that I could unpack my pantry items. Here's a shot of the entire pantry. On the top of the pantry I store bigger bowls and pastas. 


We moved here from Texas where I went through a Tupperware stage. I actually became a consultant for awhile simply to get the discount. I totally bought into the theory that if I had everything organized that I wouldn't overpurchase and that I wouldn't have bags of rice and pasta spilling all over the place. Please note the 10 bags of chips shoved on second from top shelf (3 of which I believe are the same) :-/.   


Notice the THREE containers of baking powder. Clearly being "organized" is keeping me from overpurchasing (not!). I apparently feel the need to stock lots of tomato products as well as at least 5 cans of green chilies (tucked away in the left hand corner). 


This is my baking shelf and then on the floor I have bottles of vinegar, oils and larger appliances that I don't have space for in other parts of the kitchen (Margaritaville machine and ice cream maker). The large plastic container on the bottom of the pantry is the dog's food... the cats have figured out how to unscrew the top if you don't put it on tightly.


In the cabinet to the right of my stove top, I store my sauces, cooking spray and tea. There is a ridiculous amount of different hot sauces crammed in this cabinet that tend to fall out at any given moment.


This was the original pantry. Now I use it to store storage pieces, the waffle iron and enough cupcake liners that I would be able to bake 500 cupcakes at any time and have enough (they are behind the waffle maker). The plastic tub on the second from the top shelf is my "tub o' extracts". I also store my vanilla (that I buy online in liter sized bottles) in this pantry... it is currently in use as my son is baking cookies.

So that is my pantry. Thanks for organizing this feature on your blog. It is a ton of fun.

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I love seeing other peoples pantries. One of these days I'll get mine organized and "show" worthy. :)

Lucky there is a screen between us, otherwise you could have kissed the bottle of mama africa goodbye :)

Lol, you made me giggle. I'm also one who buys too much. My solution, send my daughter to the store for me most of the time. I really enjoyed seeing your pantry!

2 jars of Nutella is definitely not "overpurchasing". They disappear in a hurry.

I giggled out loud at your comments - I love the honesty of your pantry!! I am glad someone else besides me feels the need to have gallons of canned tomato products on hand at any moment! My favorite comment was that the cats unscrewed the dog food lid - they are soooo smart. I have 3!

Great post! Super pictures! Smart cats! And a fun read! Thanks so much for sharing your pantry for the rest of us looky-loos!!! (I'm so glad you survived Irene!)

How are you doing in MD as a Texan? Do you have to import chiles, sauces, etc? You have wonderful goodies there in your pantry, and I couldn't find a single loose grain of anything. Great job!

You look pretty organized to me. You aren't a hoarder. You are just PREPARED:-). It was fun to see most of the things you have in your pantry in Maryland, we have here in Texas. I loved your pantry and your funny, honest comments.

Nice and tidy; just like I like it!!

Hmmm. Becoming a TW consultant to get the discount. Sneaky idea. I've thought about it myself too, but now I know that people actually do it!

Too many cans of tomato products??? You're preachin' to the choir here - didn't you know? Over purchase??? I need to have Campbell's tomato soup and several tins of tuna at all times to keep the wolves at bay!

I envy your storage container tidiness. My Glad lids fall out onto my head on a regular basis. Good thing they are lightweight!

Wow, nice pantry! So organized.

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