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Other People's Pantries #165

From Dana (The Art of Breakfast), in Portland, Maine:

Here's my pantry in the inn I manage (Pomegranate Inn in Portland) where space, although I have a good amount, is so important.

This pantry is what I use for breakfast at the inn, and it's also stocked to cook from my cookbook, The Art of Breakfast.


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Very organized.Love how everything is protected in containers

the wooden shelving looks so good, and of course it goes without saying that anytime you have a spare moment and are bored, my pantry would luv to look as organized as yours!!

thanks for sharing

I'm a huge fan of inns and B&Bs so it's wonderful to hear about one that's new to me and even get a peek into the pantry! Thanks, Dana, and Lydia! Now I just need to make it to Portland. ;-)


Love the organizing. So nice to see!

I love how there's space for everything. Nicely stocked pantry.

Very well organized, I love it.

Hi Dana, on the second shelf from the top, could you tell me where you found the containers used to store your flours, nuts, etc.? They look great!

What a fabulous pantry!

Fantastically organized! Love the open ability to see everything!

So organized. I am jealous. I have a baking pantry and I try to keep it organized. Not always so easy. Thanks for the view into your pantry world.

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