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May 25, 2010

55 Knives, and why you'll want to read it (a new e-cookbook featuring 55 food bloggers' recipes)

Every week, we food bloggers get contacted by people we don't know, asking us to contribute our content to their sites or projects. They offer fame or links, but seldom fortune -- and, honestly, there's seldom any fame, either.

For a whole lot of reasons, I usually say no, thank you.

I have contributed essays and recipes to several projects, mostly fundraisers for causes I support, and one of which, Cooking for Geeks, intrigues me because it's about cooking and science. Not food science, but how math and science and cooking relate to each other.

Why did I say yes to 55 Knives, a brand new e-cookbook (downloadable, searchable, with live links) compiled by Nick Evans of Macheesmo, and featuring writing and recipes from 55 food bloggers?

What's special about this cookbook?

Nick's been working on 55 Knives for many months, and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that we authors received the final draft of the book and the list of participating bloggers. Oh, what a treat! The book overflows with great recipes, as you'd expect, and with stories that will surprise you, delight you, touch your heart and make you laugh. I've contributed my someday-it-will-be-famous recipe for Pie-Ella, a cross between paella and jambalaya.

55 Knives is an electronic book, which means that you can download it to your computer or Kindle or Nook, or to your husband's brand new iPad where you can read it in glorious color when he's not playing Air Hockey.

There are hundreds of live links to all of the blogs, and you can search for ingredients or types of recipes that interest you. Print only the pages you need, when you need them, or print the whole book.

I love that. A clickable, searchable, environment-friendly cookbook. With photos. And no shipping charges or delivery dates. The book is yours, right away, wherever you are.

Order 55 Knives before June 1 at a discounted price of just $14.

If you order through this site, you'll be helping to support both Macheesmo and The Perfect Pantry, and best of all, you'll have 55 great new recipes to choose from in time for the holiday weekend. (After June 1, the price will be $19. Still a pretty terrific deal.)

Live links, searchable content, print only what you need, with great stories and recipes from 55 of your favorite food bloggers.

Go ahead. Get 55 Knives today.

You'll have fun with it. I'm absolutely, positively sure of it.


It looks very well put-together.

Awesome! 55 knives sounds like a great recommendation.

congrats on being included

TERRIFIC - I just looked at sample, purchased and downloaded!
I now know what I will be doing at work today! (I meant of course after-work!)

yes! thank you!

I loved your story in it, Lydia!

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