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Other People's Pantries #72

From Sarah (Red and White Kitchen), in Montreal, Canada:

Ask anyone, I’m messy. But one thing that brings me great joy is organizing my pantry. On a rainy day, or on a nice Sunday afternoon while the baby is napping –- it’s a favorite activity of mine. So without further ado, I present to you: my pantry.

I rely on my pantry a lot more in the colder months –- our eating habits are radically different than during the summer when bread, freshly grilled vegetables and steak or fish are a daily affair.


[For a shelf-by-shelf description of Sarah's pantry, please read more here.]

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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I have to stop visiting here on the weekends....to many sane and organised people running around LOL

Very nice pantry.

Right you're so messy ... just not in the pantry!
That is stunning.

Wow, sweeeet! - I can't believe that you're not this organised in all areas of your life! ;-) My biggest issue is I just don't have a good pantry -- I have a cupboard with some shelves (too deep to be practical) and a few other cupboards -- so my kitchen is a bit scattered feeling.

Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I would love to have a pantry like yours!

Nice big pantry. Love it!


It is neat and tidy! You are lucky to have such a roomy pantry!

Thanks for the comments!

I was lucky enough to have enough room in our renovated kitchen to get this pantry made. I call it a walk-in (because if there is not too too much stuff on the floor i can take one step in)...

I really like having the narrow shelves all along the perimeter so i can see everthing at one glace, rather than wider shelves which would hold more stuff :)

So organized! I love it, and the fact that you can walk in.

I love it.

Sarah - Emeril uses truffle oil. It can't be too awful

I so envy this pantry - all I've got is cabinets!

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