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Other People's Pantries #70

From Rebecca, in Seattle, Washington:

I found your site because of Other People's Pantries a while back, and here is mine.

I don't used canned stuff very much, so while the back pantry does get used, it's mostly the spice pantry and the fridge that see a lot of traffic.



I think the Rancho Gordo beans and the spices make me the happiest. Okay, and the yellow cast iron casserole above the beans, which was a wedding gift of my mother's.


In addition to this there is a big shelf of Costco stuff in the basement.

A while ago I got motivated to clean out some of the stuff in the back pantry, which feels so much better. I decided the timeline approach made sense. Use it all the time gets prime storage. Use it weekly or monthly, stays upstairs. Less than monthly goes into basement storage. Hopefully I'll continue to edit! Having said that, I've added quite a bit of spices lately.


I really want a better pantry situation, but for the time being I can't change things.

[Note from Lydia: I post pantry photos in the order I receive them, and by the luck of the draw, today is Rebecca's birthday! How cool is that?]

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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Happy birthday! I love the bean pot.

Happy Birthday Rebecca! Love the beans and your organization by time;)

Happy birthday Rebecca! Love your pantry. My eye was immediately drawn to the items on the right in the main photo. Looks like cookbooks but just in front there is a stack of multicolor objects. What are they? Could they be coasters? Maybe napkins?

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

I absolutely love your brown and cream bean pot! Thanks for sharing your pantry with us! :)

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Love your Mom's yellow cast iron casserole, I have dishes, pots, and casseroles that were gifted to me by friends, teachers, and/or extended family, they are some of my most cherished belongings.

Oh! One more question, I noticed the ice cube trays in your pantry, I have three sitting in my pantry, I use mine to freeze homemake chicken stock. What do you use yours for?

Geez, I meant homemade not "homemake"!

I love Sundays! Why? Because I remember to check your site and see whose fabulous pantry we're looking into this week. One of the highlights of my weekend!

The Rancho Gordo products, along with the calendar, made me tear up for a moment! *sniff*
Why oh why, can't we get them here in Australia? It's so unfair! ;-)

I can't wait to get my kitchen remodeled, because I want a proper pantry again - filled with lovely American things!!
God Bless Costco - who's opening in Oz in July!!

Happy Birthday, Rebecca!!

I'm jealous, I wish I had that much room for my pantry!

There is nothing better then a quality cast iron pot!

happy belated birthday!

I love the stockpile of beans -- how wonderful!

To MyKitcheninHalfCups...if I am not mistaken, in front of the cookbooks is a stack of the "Everyday Food" magazine (mine looks the same stacked like that).

Rebecca...I see that you also use the Lock & Lock storage containers. I love them. :)

Thank you for all the birthday wishes!!

Going backwards - yes that's a stack of Everyday Food magazines. I love the lock and lock but now I've gone towards glass containers for stuff that sits on the shelf I can see. YES that's right, shortly after this I thought wouldn't it be cool to get a baker's rack (Huge, Costco) to put in that little pantry hall. Which means that I can look at that lovely cast iron pot every time I walk through the kitchen, but also means that all my organization is a bit messed up now!

Rancho Gordo doesn't ship to Aus? Dang! I suppose it would be prohibitively expensive to ship beans that way.

I'll have to take another updated photo once there's actual organization again. I love looking at other pantries, I'm so happy mine made it into the stack - and on my birthday!!

(Sorry for the delay in response, over the weekend I was out soaking up the lovely weather).

I forgot, there is one pic of the crazy shelf.


In the interest of maintaining crazy status I'm going to take that HUGE Hobart Whip and turn it into a kitchen light fixture.

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