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Other People's Pantries #67

From Cindy (Lucy's Tales), in Olympia, Washington:

As an adult I have lived in 5 homes, 2 of which I was blessed to own. But not until I was fortunate enough to design and build my own home did I actually have what I thought was a real pantry.


I did try to make the best use of the spaces that I have had and tried to make a proper "pantry" wherever I lived. It has always been a special place, "wherever" it was, some drawers, a cupboard or an old wardrobe. 


Now it's a tiny little room designated for my "stores" and "provisions". If the world were coming to an end, this is where I would hole up with my family. In fact, if it had a window and room for a desk, that is where I would spend the majority of my time. It makes me happy and I am unable to explain why. Few things give me more pleasure than coming home (after cleaning the house) from the grocery or Costco and filling my little pantry with all the essentials and a few unessentials to put on my shelves. (See more photos and read more about Cindy's pantry here.)

On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.

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How wonderful! Funny if I do ever build another house (we've been planning one but I don't think it's happening) I have a pantry room planned with a window and desk!

if you are ever in NJ, feel free to come over to make my mess look like yours. Yikes! so organized and neat.

I am sooo loving on your baskets and bins. And I clicked on the link and thoroughly enjoyed your pantry blog. Thanks for sharing your special space.

I love the pantry! A well-stocked pantry provides a great sense of security.

What a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. pantry. I love your "BISTRO" sign! I clicked on the link and read about your pantry on your blog! :)

Love the organization!

I am smitten with pantries myself! :)

Very nice-looking pantry!

Lydia, it's great that people continue to send their pantry entries. ;-)

Paz (curious about your new Saturday feature)

I too love looking at pantries. It's something about food neatly arranged on shelves that has always meant safety to me. I love looking at other people's pantries because I don't feel alone in my need to know that even if all else fails there is always "soup" on the stove, to warm away the cold edges of the world.
I am lucky to have windows and tables in my pantry. I also have a stool in that room and when I get rattled I go in my pantry and just sit for a bit.

Went to your site to have a look at all your pics -

Such a cute door you have going to the pantry! It's little window is like looking into a food store before deciding whether to go in! I love that everything has its place and that the shelves are not so deep that stuff gets lost.

I am a full pantry gal like your dad. Thanks for sharing your story and your pantry. Love this site.

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