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Other People's Pantries #33

From Natashya (Living in the Kitchen with Puppies), in Ontario, Canada:

Here's a peek at my pantry, which used to be a closet. We live in a tiny house and took a wall out to combine a small bedroom into the kitchen.



I have also included the spice rack that hubby built me, the salt rack (yes, I have that many different types of salt!) that he built, and a shot of all the other spices that live in the cupboard. I have an insane amount of spices and a large variety of food in the pantry. I have scarcity thinking, I think.




On Saturdays, we peek into Other People's Pantries.

Come on -- show us your pantry.

Here's how.


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Oh my goodness. Where did you get a photo of my pantry? (LOL) My pantry also was a useless closet. Ours is in a mudroom one step outside the kitchen proper. But it certainly looks just like this one, white ceramic canisters and all. I love the Other People's Pantry spots, and now I know why.

All I can say is that I COVET your salt rack! And where are the puppies?

Very, very nice!


Yoyo, I love that ours are similar. My kitchen is slowly taking over the house. Hubby asked if I shouldn't tidy up the pantry before taking the pics but I said No!

As I do sometimes leave the door to the pantry open, Bella likes to lick any stray flour off the floor. Otherwise the puppies seem uninterested in the spices, etc. - probably because I keep the kibble elsewhere!
The salt rack is a fave of mine too, by now it also has even more salts on top. (!)

Paz, Thank you so much!

Natashya, I know what a small pantry is but your pantry is even smaller. You have worked wonders with the space you have. I love the organized containers.

Pauline - I dream of a walk-in pantry, but the closet is better than just the cupboards! Thank you so much for your kind words, I am pretty happy with the organizing. Now if only I had more room....

Nice pantry. I love all of your containers.
I didn't know that there were no many different kinds of salt (judging by all of the bottles in the rack). What kinds do you have?

Ok Sue, you asked for it -
in the big containers - pickling salt, kosher salt, table salt, fine sea salt, coarse sea salt and celtic sea salt.
in the smaller jars - smoked alderwood salt (both fine and coarse), Hawaiian sea salt (red), Maldon sea salt, Australian flake salt, Trapani sea salt and a sea salt from California that is smoked in old Chardonnay casks. Above, not pictured, are black Hawaiian sea salt, French sea salt and black truffle salt. Plus, for my bday, my mother got me a rock of pink Hawaiian sea salt that comes with a grater so you can grate it at the table like parmesan!
In addition to these I have flavoured sea salts that I have made with herbs from my garden.
I have a bit of a thing for salt.

Edit: my chunk of sea salt is Himalayan Pink Salt. Sorry mom, I must have Hawaii on the mind.

I love the spice and salt racks. I am badly in need of some of those.

Love your pantry and the shelves. Mine is a tiny closet, a little bit smaller I think but you utilize your space better. The spice and salt rack are wonderful--he does great work! Love all the salt--I have a bunch too, although not quite as many as you! I just bought some wasabi salt the other day because you can never have too much salt!

Reeni - I am very fortunate that hubby likes to do woodwork. He does make me nice things. Thank you for the compliment on them.

DebinHawaii - It is true, you can never have too much! Thank you for your comments re the woodwork, hubs puts lots of time and love in what he makes.
(of course, when he made the spice rack - he thought it would hold all my spices - little did he know that I would have over 100 one day!)Thus all the jars, and lists, in the cupboard.
I am excited re your wasabi salt. I bet it's great on popcorn!

Wow, so many salts but what fun possibilities!
Looks like a really excellent pantry!

Love it. My pantry is also a closet, I think it was supposed to be a coat closet by the kitchen door. I also have a few shelves in the basement that catch all the "extras" I buy up on sale or can myself.

I LOVE seeing everyone else's pantries. Must take photos of mine to send in. I can't help but feel I need to clean & organize though. Oh the grip of OCD still holds strong.

MyKitchenInHalfCups - Thank you so much. :)

Susy - I am slowly taking over the downstairs with baking supplies, etc. foodstuffs can't be far behind!
Looking forward to seeing yours. I agree, photographing it as-is is a little like posing in your underwear, but it is more real!

Your pantry is impressive! I want to come over and try all the salts.

Kalyn, great! I'll put the kettle on.
(and thank you)

Where did you get the jars, particularly the ones with the fruit lids? I've been looking to organize my spices and I love your jars.

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