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Drop In & Decorate cookies for Mother's Day


We interrupt our regularly scheduled pantry exploration to bring you this word from Julie Komenos, Associate Director of Abby's House in Worcester, Massachusetts, which provides shelter and support services to women who are homeless or victims of abuse :

Thank you doesn't begin to say how we feel about the beautiful cookies we received today.  They are a work of art and a special gift for the women of Abby's House.  We will give them out tomorrow at our Mother's Day luncheon. We are so excited to have them as they will add that special touch to the tables and a festive feeling for the day. 

Executive Director Tess Sneesby added this note:

As you know, Mother's Day is often a very difficult occasion for women here, either in our shelter or in one of our residences. You will have brightened the day for them not only because of your talent as shown by the wonderfully decorated cookies, but also and most especially because you thought of them!

At our May Day/Mother's Day Drop In & Decorate cookies for donation party last Sunday, more than 30 people dropped in to decorate cookies for Abby's House.

Four high school students shot footage for a new Drop In & Decorate video. Lots of new friends came, from as far away as New Hampshire, and two from California who were diverted while vacationing here in Rhode Island.


Around the decorating table were mothers, mothers-in-law, granddaughters, husbands, partners -- a wonderful and enthusiastic group.


It took only four hours to decorate 250 big, beautiful, flowers and butterflies and bonnets and ducks and faces and smiles and tea cups and circles, with pastry bags and squeeze bottles.


Of course, not all of our decorators can be trusted to take those shapes literally!





If you're inspired to host your own Drop In & Decorate cookies for donation party, we have a free How to Host Your Own Cookie Decorating Event guide to help you get started. It's filled with practical information about sources for supplies, recipes for cookies and icing, and tips from others who've hosted their own cookies-for-donation parties.

[If you downloaded the guide before May 1, please be sure to get the latest version, with many updates.]


How about maple leaf cookies for Canada Day, or red, white and blue cookies for July 4? There's sure to be a food pantry, veterans center, or emergency shelter in your city or town that would love some beautiful cookies, and your friends will love getting together to decorate.

And if your friends say, "Oh, I can't decorate," show them this:


Now, how cute is that?!

Happy Mother's Day to all, and special thanks to Rob Banks and his mom, Beryle, for sharing their photos!


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That is really terrific! And fun for all obviously!!

Fantastic cookies...creative and colorful. I love the egg!

Looking at this colorful display just made my day! The peacock is sooooo adorable, and so is the sunny-side-up. Such works of art!

Congratulations Lydia! You did it again! I can only imagine what joy these cookies will bring. It does seem like you have some seriously talented cookie artists in this group! Personally, I think the "fried egg cookie" is the best! Cheers! Kathy

I am particularly fond of the cookie "sunny side up!" Brilliant! What a wonderful batch of cookies for a great cause!

The cookies are just wonderful, and what a great project this is.

You had so many wonderful and talented folks show up to decorate. I think my favorites are the peacock and the egg. Although the taxi on the upside down lip cookie was very innovative. I'm so glad the folks at Abby's House enjoyed them.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go

I love all the decorated cookies. Awesome! And what a wonderful response from the executive director of Abby's House.


Lydia-what a wonderful event! I love the cookies-but I love the way you warmed the hearts of the ladies at the shelter even more!

A really fabulous array of cookies. I would love to have been there, it just looks like the best fun!

I had a wonderful time and haven't stopped telling people about my experience. It was amazing how creative everyone got with the cookies. I'm so glad to have been a part of this Mother's Day Cookie Decorating and hope to do it again at some future date.

Thanks, everyone -- wish you were here.

Beryle, I'm so glad you were here! It was so much fun to watch how you learned to decorate so quickly, and to see the beautiful cookies you made. Hope we'll see you at the next Drop In party.

Loved seeing the photos from your latest Drop In & Decorate and I'm so glad your recipients were thrilled. Those cookies would brighten anyone's day, but especially those women (and/or children) at a shelter on Mother's Day. Thanks to you Lydia for hosting this event and to all your wonderful guests who participated!

What a fun get together! The cookies turned out great!

Sandie, it really was fun. Sometimes a smile is the best reward.

My Sweet, welcome to The Perfect Pantry. We had a lot of first-timers at this event, and everyone's cookies came out great. It's much easier than it looks, especially with pastry bags and squeeze bottles.

Fun project!

The one with the egg is my favorite, Lydia - but they all look gorgeous!

Wow, gorgeous cookies and an excellent project. Well done :)

How fun and for such a great cause! If my house was bigger I would love to get involved...maybe I will and get creative with the furniture set up. I loved the photos too!

Bea, Patricia, George: thank you!

Jason, it doesn't take much space to host a Drop In party. In fact, people have the most fun when my kitchen is almost too crowded.

These cookies are just too cute. I love the egg one!

Like others, I'm in love with the fried egg cookies - I'm thinking I'll decorate some of my Christmas cookies this way to make the perfect Christmas breakfast!

Hillary, I always think our cookies are cute -- glad you agree!

Laurie, breakfast cookies... now why didn't I think of that???

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